Is there a way to write for something as broad as ‘social media’?

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If you write, there are a lot of jobs to be found in the social media sphere. This is often captured in one name as a ‘social media manager’. However, as everyone who has been in this position knows, it is not that simple: social media is so broad that you can just as easily deregister IT vacancies for ‘computer person’.

Writing something promotional for Facebook requires a different approach than contacting customers on Twitter, webcare is not the same as social selling and being able to develop an online customer contact strategy does not mean that you are a suitable community manager.

Not as easy as ‘earlier’.

The landscape of social media is constantly expanding and is subject to change, always. You should not only take into account the platforms you use for marketing on social media, but you should also always keep an eye on whether new trends or even platforms suddenly become popular to which you should (or want to) belong. There were no wildly different platforms and target audiences yet that all needed their own approach. Nowadays you almost have to turn on AI to get it organized, depending on how big the party you work for it.

Good story. Nice and short.

There are some things that apply overarching in writing for social media. The most important thing is to keep it short. The average attention span is significantly smaller than your own and so you are often put in the position that you have to convert complicated matter into a catchy or in any case clear statement or remark of not too many characters.

Another important point is that your target audience has to match with your platform. What’s more, the company you’re prescribing has to match with the platform and the target audience. Accountancy firm that goes to work at Snapchat: daring. Party service is going to write articles on LinkedIn: separately. There are still a lot of clear mismatches to be found at first, so if you want to cross that barrier, that’s all the best, but then you have to have a very clear plan, also for after those first few nice posts.

Viral against will and thanks

That is one of the things that you, as the person who writes for social purposes, often have to deal with: the appeal to your creativity. Being able to say something if there is nothing. Being able to turn bad news into something positive. And all this at once, sometimes in response to customers, bystanders and the press, and always short and concise. You’re always only one bad reaction away from going viral for the worst possible reason, so you have a lot of responsibility not to expose it.

That also means that you have to keep looking at what your talents are as a social media manager. Not only that, but you also have to continue to refine. If you’re in the mood for the day, it’s sometimes easy to keep track of the trends that are taking place over the course of the day, and then periodic training at a trusted institution may be a good idea. So if you are going to start such a job, at least make sure that there is room to continue learning, otherwise it will be a difficult story.

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