Is Pandemic Situation Responsible for Jump in the Consumption of OTT Platforms?

Most people are forced to stay indoors and hence industry players say that there has been a massive jump in the consumption on OTT Platforms.

Coronavirus has paved the way for a new way of lifestyle- which is staying indoors. This coupled with the shutting of most establishment starting from office, theatres to gymnasiums have spiked consumption of entertainment at home via OTT platforms.

With the lack of an outdoor form of entertainment, the country’s biggest extravaganza- the Indian Premier League is also expected to drive the audience for OTT.

Hotstar and Netflix are in major demand right now, so much so that they are experimenting with India specific subscription.

Self-isolation also helped Apple TV to recently announce discounted prices. Perhaps, users will now have access to buying multiple subscription plans.
Well, it can be also argued against OTT consumption, since work from home will allow users to work on the go. But, industry experts shared that it will not hamper viewership irrespective of the fact that viewers log on to their mobile Video on Demand apps and consume content while on the go.

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However, since the transmit time has been cut due to lack of traveling, audio consumption is going to take a major hit. The pandemic will definitely have an implication on ho any organization functions. Companies will monitor activities on work from home but regardless of that, OTT players will be benefitting from a greater volume of viewers.

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