Interesting Facebook Tricks by the best Social Media Company in Delhi


From the first day of Facebook to till this date, it has evolved a lot. Being one of the leading social media companies in Delhi, we feel if you are not customizing your experience on the social network, then you are definitely missing out. Here are some interesting Facebook tricks by the best social media company in Delhi. Have a look at it!

Mute friends in your feed:

Everybody has one friend on his or her friend list, who he/she finds very irritating. We at Crux Creative Solutions, a top social media company in Gurgaon, have found that now you do not need to remove the friend from your list, if you find him or her irritating. You can mute the updates of that person without letting him know. How? Find it below!

  • Click on the three dots at the upper-right corner, a drop-down list will open.
  • You will find hide option or snooze the person for 30 days.

Turn off Birthday Notifications:

Every morning, Facebook notifies you about the birthdays of your friends. If you have a long list of friends on Facebook, then it is possible to get irritated. Therefore, as a social media marketing consultant, we have a trick that can stop the birthday notifications. Find it below!

  • Go to settings>>>Notifications
  • In the list of settings, find Birthdays and turn it off

Allows you to Block App invites & Game Requests:

Do your relatives send invitations for playing the games on Facebook? If you cannot take it anymore, then block those app invites using the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to settings>>>Blocking. Scroll to block app invites.
  • Enter the name of a friend or relative whom you want to block.

Download entire Facebook Photo Albums of people you follow:

Instead of saving the pictures one by one, now you can save the entire Facebook Photo Album. Being the best social media marketing companies in Gurgaon, we suggest a chrome extension to download entire albums of the people you follow.

  • Install DownAlbum for Chrome.
  • Go to the Facebook Photo Album you want to download.
  • Click the DownAlbum icon in your browser toolbar, then click “Normal”.
  • A new page will load with the photo album.

Save Links to read later:

As a leading social media company in Delhi, we have found that while going through the feed, we see some interesting links. However, we w+ do not have time to go through them. Therefore, Facebook has introduced a new feature that allows you to read the articles later. Find the steps of saving the link on Facebook.

  • Click the ellipsis icon in the top right corner of the post/link you want to save.
  • Click save the link.
  • To access your saved items on the desktop, go to the left-hand sidebar and find Saved under explore.


These were the five exciting Facebook tricks by the top Social Media Company in Gurgaon. We hope you to like it! Tell us in the comment section below, if you have knowledge about any latest Facebook trick. For more details about our services, contact us today!

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