Instagram’s Game-Changing Update: Add Multiple Links to Your Bio

Instagram has finally answered one of its users’ most requested features: the ability to add up to five links in their Instagram bio. This update has been in testing since 2021 and now allows creators and other users to promote their passions, businesses, brands, and causes they care about, among other things, via their Instagram bio.

Once users tap on the profile linking, they will get a summary of the available link options, similar to Linktree. This new feature is excellent news for users who can now drive more traffic to their websites and brand presence without using third-party tools like Linktree.

It’s worth noting that this update could significantly affect the use of third-party link aggregator tools like Linktree since users can now replicate this capacity within the app itself, which will likely lead to many abandoning their paid subscriptions to third-party apps. 

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether some businesses will still opt for third-party link tools, even with this new in-app capacity, which can still offer branding options and more link display options.

It’s high time Instagram implemented this feature, and to add multiple links to your Instagram profile, head to “Edit profile” > “Links” > “Add external link” and order your links as you please.

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