Instagram &TikTok: Top platforms for influencer marketing

tik tok

Various brand custodians have predicted that Instagram will be the most lucrative platform for influencer marketing in the coming year, followed by TikTok and then YouTube.

The annual survey by various influencer marketing company have offered a comprehensive look at today’s digitally advertised landscape and the impact it leaves on the consumer for brand communication and marketing. The Indian Influencer marketing ecosystem has a leaning towards Instagram, just like the last year. Its popularity doesn’t seem to fade away anytime soon.

TikTok, on the other hand, hit the rock bottom with a nation-wide ban on the app, but the company came back stronger as ever. The app has launched its rewind on TikTok and YouTube. Since coming back into the scene after the ban, TikTok has only witnessed the uphill. The popularity will only be increasing in 2020. However, Instagram will keep its top position intact. Influencers from all across the platforms are active on Instagram, the main reason it is one of the highest-grossing social media platforms currently.

The list (in descending order) based on the popularity of influencer marketing is- Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, leaving Facebook at the number fourth spot.


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