You ‘LIKE’ It or Not: Instagram Tests Removing ‘LIKE’ Feature in India

Instagram Tests Removing Like Feature in India

Few industry heads believe that removing the feature will bring the attention back to the content. However, some believe that influencers will now have to look out for other ways to showcase their scale and impact.

The ‘Private Like Counts test’, as Instagram famously calls it in the layman term, it is simply the removal of the ‘Like’ feature. The main objective is to bring the focus back to the content (photos & videos) created and the users feel comfortable in expressing their self rather than focusing on business criteria such as likes and comments.

The social media giant started this test earlier this year in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Ireland and Italy, and it is now being tested globally.

The test will be carried out on a really small percentage of the user-base in India. In a statement, Instagram says that the account holder will be able to view the number of likes by tapping on the liker list. However, others will not be able to see the likes and vice versa. The company says that it wants to ensure that the ambience of the platform is not as competitive as it has become now, as it seems to be affecting the self-esteem issues amongst many young users.

Why is this piece of NEWS important?

Instagram is no longer just the exchange of vision and idea platform. It is the entire community of influencers from various walk of life and they mean serious business for their brand, service and products. ‘Like’ is a metric to define the success and popularity of the brand, it reflects on the success and the ‘influence’.

Even though it is not sure if the removal of ‘Like’ will be a permanent feature, but one needs to be prepared for every adverse situation. As a digital marketer, there should always be an open back-up option to get the business running.


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