Infotainment: Ahead of Delhi Polls, Parties to go for Snackable Content Campaign

Ahead of Delhi Polls, parties to go for snackable content campaign

To lure millennials and make them come out of their homes to vote, parties are raising digital promotion budget by around 10% and will be seen creating content in the form of infotainment.

There are chances that this time parties will go out of their way and run the campaign beyond Facebook and Twitter.

Major political parties are all set to explore the peripheral social media platforms like- Tiktok, Snapchat and maybe even alternative messenger platforms like ShareChat and Welike. This move is to connect with the millennial voters and is working on creating content in the form of infotainment.

These platforms are a guarantee to offer viewership of young voters and especially first-time voters.

Major parties like Congress have appointed agencies to run social media campaigns. Content is definitely the king for political campaigns and youngsters are not interested in political agenda, so, parties are now focusing on non-political content with subtle message placement through comedy, satire or music.

Video-sharing and curation platform TikTok is the most exploited medium. It is being extensively used for the political agenda-driven videos and the reach of these is being amplified via WhatsApp and Facebook shares.

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It is easier to engage with the brand or political party on these new-age platforms. It is equally tough to convert these engagements to a vote, as it is a crucial metric for the success of the campaign. There is no one-way to mark or calculate the engagement into voters.

However, there is no denying that social media platform is a great tool to engage millennial and Gen-Z.

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