Influencer Marketing on Rise Amidst Covid-19 Scare

Influencer Marketing on rise amidst Covid-19 scare

Industry experts are claiming that brands are veering towards influencer marketing in times of corona, but they are also conscious to not come across as ‘pushy’ and are trying to ensure that the focus does not steer away from the sensitive messaging.

Without a doubt, it is an uncertain time for the business community, advertising, and marketing industry and every other industry is also feeling a pinch. Coronavirus has driven everyone indoors. Brands are canceling on-ground promotions and events, also campaigns are getting pushed back. This has resulted in marketing promotion being negatively impacted. A new brand and product promotion have taken a hit.

However, this dip in traditional promotion has pushed marketers towards the digital world through the influencer marketing route.

‘Work from home’ has become a norm across India, so online activities are bound to rise. Video streaming platforms have confirmed that there is a huge spike in consumption. Shopping online is also on the rise along with the usage of social media platforms.

This is when influencers step in and brand make use of them for marketing and engaging the audience to communicate their message to homebound users.

Brands are looking for a marketing strategy to connect with the audience in more meaningful ways and few are even announcing COVID- 19 related awareness communications.

Digital agencies are agreeing to the fact that in the absence of full-scale campaigns, influencer marketing is perhaps an effective marketing tool, especially in the time when consumption on social media platforms is on its peak.

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