IGTV Button No Longer Available On Instagram Due To Its Poor Performance

IGTV Button on Instagram

Instagram announces to drop the IGTV button from the app to declutter it. Also, poor engagement has led to this major step. IGTV was launched in the year 2018 to rivals YouTube.

IGTV button was meant for sharing long-form video content. Recently Instagram has done away with it. The Facebook-owned social network giant took the step since it was performing poorly and was seemingly unpopular with the users.

The button was introduced by Instagram in the year 2018 to rivals YouTube. Before that, Instagram only allowed up to 60 seconds of videos to be posted.

The move came in to keep the app clutter-free and simple. The button-less phone users especially had an issue with closing the app due to its placement.

In other NEWS

Instagram has finally started to test out it’s desktop DM (Direct Message) feature. Which will mean that now users can directly send messages to each other through the desktop.

This suggestion was provided to Instagram by app leaker Jane Manchun Wong, he mentioned how he thinks that it not the greatest idea to not allow users the access to DM through a desktop.

The new update will allow users to chat with other people Instagram user and share posts using the “message’ button.


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