How to use Facebook Messenger and ManyChat to boost your online marketing?

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There are several ways to use Facebook Messenger in your online marketing.

Bot definition

A bot is a robot with which you can automate adding people and sending messages to Facebook Messenger.

What about Facebook Messenger?

This Facebook device has been set up to help you in your online marketing, in the sale of your products, services and in the optimization of your customer service. Sending your messages can be done automatically with Facebook Messenger.

What influences the effectiveness of bots?

The effectiveness of the bots depends on its use. People should be free to unsubscribe whenever they wish. You must understand that they may feel drowned by the messages that clutter their Facebook Messenger, at the risk of embarrassing them.

The interest of using bots

Developing your audience will be easier with bots. Don’t imagine a radical change in your life or business in one stroke, because Manychat will only be effective when you understand its use very well.

Why do you have to use bots?

Few people know what Facebook Messenger bots are capable of when it comes to online marketing. However, they are very promising if we consider the few points below:

  • 80% bots open rate versus 20% for emails
  • You have to target the place where there are people, which is the case with Facebook, which has many users.
  • On Messenger, you can chat with your prospects and receive an immediate response.
  • Your customers or prospects will be saved landing pages, because Messenger offers a simpler interaction.
  • If you send your advertisements to Messenger, your expenses will not risk increasing. You can encourage people to visit Messenger if they want to learn more about your products and services.
  • Junk mail that can spam users will no longer bother them.
  • Unlike email, you don’t need to write long messages on Facebook Messenger.
  • With bots, you can build a personal relationship with your prospects.

What to do with Manychat?

Manychat offers you several options so that you can:

  • Send messages
  • Make e-mail sequences
  • Have a landing page to save people on your list
  • Have a personalized link allowing your prospects and customers to access your Manychat quickly
  • Segment your targets
  • Attract new prospects
  • Allow people to receive messages on Facebook Messenger by encouraging them to comment your live or
  • commercials with a specific keyword.
  • Bring people from your bot to your email list
  • Etc.

The use of bots

People will get an idea about your personality and your company identity through the bot. You must use the bot and test it on all possible ways to better understand it. Don’t risk spamming your customers or prospects and make sure they can take advantage of your bot. It is also customizable and always think about your audience when you do it. Segmentation and customer feedback will also help you customize your messages. Feel free to contact them to exchange a conversation with them. To get closer to them, take the initiative to engage in personal discussions with them. When they encounter problems with products or services similar to those of your company, do not hesitate to provide them with a reliable solution. Also take the time to track your messages regularly. Also, don’t forget to remind people who might have missed something. But be aware that things are changing. Those who are important now may lose their place in the near future.

Manychat dashboard contents

Manychat is among the cheap bots you can afford for only ten dollars. You must create an account and when you are logged in on this bot, you will arrive on the dashboard. The names of people who have subscribed or left your Manychat will appear.

Audience displays the names of those on your list and where they subscribed.

Live chat allows you to manage your bot by engaging in a discussion with a person of your choice. You can even answer his questions. This way, the exchange with your prospects and customers will be more reciprocal.

Broadcast: to send messages to your database. You can also make sequences that people can receive on their Messenger.

Growth tools: without subscribing to newsletters, your prospects can send you a message that will go directly to

Facebook Messenger. Message tracking can be done automatically and several options are available to you so that you can encourage people to subscribe to your ManyChat, even if it means setting up a landing page.

Facebook comments to choose a keyword, will allow you to send messages to people who will comment your posts or your ads. It is an option that will allow you to push people to act. For example, you can ask them questions.

Your customer service also benefits from a specific tool that will ensure its performance.

Automation: allows the creation of menus to send to your customers or prospects by message. You can even create messages that reflect your corporate identity. You can sell your products or services through this bot.

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