How to present your brand platform effectively?

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It is a concern present in many companies: how to effectively present its brand platform? This document, which is responsible for communicating the company’s commercial strategy to teams, subsidiaries or other business units, has become essential for brands. Here are some tips to prepare and present your brand platform effectively.

What is a brand platform?

The brand platform guarantees the consistency of the communication supports and makes it possible to renew the brand’s discourse. It makes it possible to assert one’s brand identity in the eyes of a clearly identified public and thus to differentiate oneself while making the choices made relevant. The ability of internal people to transmit this brand platform then becomes an issue of credibility and therefore development for the outside world.

The following elements will be integrated into the brand platform:

  • vision: the vision of the brand results from the observation it draws from the present. It allows it to define its mission.
  • mission: the brand’s mission reflects the company’s purpose and explains its usefulness to the public.
  • values: values are the foundation of a company’s organisation and culture. Every choice made in the company must result from this and respect them.
  • ambitions: the brand’s ambitions concern the actions it envisages and their added value.
  • targets & buyer persona: with targets and buyer persona, the brand identifies the characteristics and expectations of its audience.
  • promise: the brand promise will explain the concrete answers it brings to its audience. What does the brand offer? For what purpose?
  • positioning: it differentiates the brand from its competitors.
  • tools available: what are the promotion tools for each stakeholder of the brand?

Anchoring your brand in the spirit of your audience

To present your brand platform is to evangelize your public (internal/external) around the cult of your brand. What are the consequences?

Your evangelize must be incarnated

A brand platform passes through the voice of one of its representatives. It might be tempting to create a nice document and send it to your recipients, mostly your sales and marketing staff. How then to measure the perception or how even to ensure its viewing? Forget this option right now: he is a messenger who must carry the right word.

If the presentation of your brand platform aims to demonstrate the relevance of your choices, your teams will have to give credit to the person who carries the brand’s message.

The speaker must be even more credible than the messages

The 3V rule from two studies conducted in 1967 reminds us that 93% of the information used in presentation comes from two channels: the image and the way words are pronounced.

If this observation benefited from an update in the digital age, it is likely that the results would be little different. What does that mean? Quite simply that the medium used and the speaker’s speech will determine the correct transmission of the message.

The format chosen depends on the content of your brand platform

To prepare the presentation support of your brand platform, favor a format consistent with its content. For example, if one of your stated values is innovation and you want to shape the future of your sector, don’t present it with an inanimate PowerPoint starting with an image of Napoleon Bonaparte.

We recommend the use of Prezi software in such cases, because it allows:

create a universe that highlights your brand and reflects your positioning
aggregate all types of content: text, link, video and image.

contextualize any type of information: you will be able, for example, to insert point of sales display elements in situation inside a city with the effigy of your brand

In addition, Prezi’s space navigation allows content to be structured in such a way as to reinforce the speaker’s credibility.

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