How to make a good video animation?

animated business video production

Visual content such as computer graphics and video animations are a real added value for a company. They make it possible to relay complex or boring information on your site and social networks in a very simple and entertaining way, hence their virality. If there are free tools to edit computer graphics, making a animated video requires real know-how, professional and educational.

It is the ideal support for all companies wishing to communicate information on their activity, figures, trends, processes, promote their brand, a new service or product.

Definition of a video animation

Not to be confused with a short film which however short is more expensive, video animation or videotelling is a short video format composed of a succession of still and moving images. They can be photographs, characters, numbers, graphs, or diagrams. An explanatory voice-over usually accompanies the animation to serve as a main theme, sometimes it is a subtitle, but sound and speech capture attention better.

Cartoons, comics and whiteboard animation are the formats that work best. They lend themselves well to humorous traits, funny sounds, that’s why they are particularly viral.

Advantages of video support

Like successful computer graphics and all visual aids, animated video has a stronger impact than text alone.

It allows you to convey a complex, boring or anxious message in a simple and playful way. Drawing brings distance while making the subject interesting.
Animated videos can also be used to promote a new company service, a product, inform customers of a change that they may misunderstand or interpret.

Required tools

Video software such as VideoScribe can help to get a good rendering and even Youtube why not, provided you have the fiber of a videographer. But beware of the mediocre result and the set-ups with three pieces of string that can damage the company’s image and distort the message it seeks to convey.

The best solution is to use companies specialized in video animation.
Of course, it’s not free, but the quality of the result is guaranteed and it’s always cheaper than a small corporate film or a video ad requiring larger resources, actors.

For what types of activities?

Animated video is aimed at all companies and associations that wish to present and explain their activity, in any field whatsoever: ecology, asset management, economics, energy, disability, finance. All subjects can be addressed, provided they ask the right questions beforehand. Making a animated video just to add a playful side to a site is pointless.

Good practices

Definition of the subject and characters

The company must first ask itself what message it wishes to convey and for what purpose: commercial, informative, marketing and to whom. The definition of the target is very important, because it will help to define the character or characters that appear in the animation. The “personas” must represent the target as accurately as possible.

Definition of the company’s DNA

What characterizes the company? His story? This step is necessary, whatever the purpose and objective of the animation. The more we know about the company’s DNA, the more consistent and natural the video will look.

The narrative

Writing the script (the scenario) and defining the storyboard are crucial steps in building the story. The use of post-its is a good idea for storytelling. Here are the key elements essential to the plot of the story:

  • Message: what should we remember from it at the end of the animation?
  • Terms used: those of the public are not necessarily the same as “corporate jargon”.
  • Text that is both understandable and powerful.
  • Definition of the number of plans and what they should contain.

Online providers and solutions

You don’t improvise yourself as a director of animated videos. Service providers are specialized in corporate content, with a consulting force in pedagogy such as Sydo. The company carries out activities for employment, the environment, energy, mass distribution, diversity and asset management.

Videotelling also produces good quality explanatory videos, whiteboard animations made by hand, in fields as varied as security, law, learning or training.

Each service provider has its own brand name. The viewing of the realizations can help you make your choice, in addition to the prices of course. To know more about animated business video production, call us on +91-124-4207905 or contact us here.

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