How to improve your company’s brand image?

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In a context of strong competition, each company must seek to differentiate itself in the eyes of its customers or prospects. This requires the enhancement of its brand image.

How to generate a brand image that is valued and sustainable over time? Taking advantage of customer knowledge and questionnaires are among the elements not to be overlooked.

What determines a company’s brand image?

Brand image refers to all the mental/effective representations and value judgments associated with a company or brand. The brand image can, in its concept, be compared to the notion of “reputation”.

The issue of brand image has become increasingly important in the marketing sector. For at least one simple reason: the economic world is dominated by often fierce competition. The number of “suppliers” has increased considerably, partly due to globalization.

So how do you capture such a competitive market? By reflecting a quality brand image that makes it possible to differentiate positively from its competitors.

You can build your brand image through over-mediatization, for example by investing huge sums in advertising. But this strategy is often based on elements that lack concrete information about the offer and also lack transparency or reality about the brand.

One thing is certain, this is not within the reach of all companies, and ultimately is not the best way to build your brand image.

A company that invests millions in advertising but whose offer does not live up to its advertising promises will have difficulty building a sustainable brand image.

The real determinants of brand image

To build a sustainable brand image, a company must necessarily meet two conditions:

  • Offer “good” products.
  • To offer a service (in the broadest sense) of quality.

In concrete terms, it is customer satisfaction that contributes most to the brand image, and if they are, they could even become your best promoters by recommending you.

A company that sells quality products and provides efficient service will succeed in generating a positive reputation that, over time, will evolve into a brand image that is valued by all.

In an age of social networks where the customer has a platform to express himself, it is no longer possible to “lie” to his customers and prospects, hence the secondary nature of advertising in the creation of a good brand image.

Build your brand image in a customer-centric perspective

You must focus on customer satisfaction. As a result, the question is shifting from “how to improve your brand image? “to” how to improve customer satisfaction?”.

This second question has just been answered: by offering “good” products and quality service.

Marketing has shifted from a product-centric vision to a customer-centric vision.

What matters is not so much to offer “good” products as to offer products that are appreciated by customers and adapted to a specific clientele.

Customer’s subjective opinions about products are more important than the intrinsic and objective characteristics of the same products (ergonomics, aesthetics, functionalities, etc.).

If you want to improve your brand image, you need to turn to your customers and ask them what satisfies them and, conversely, what annoys them.

Customer questionnaires to manage your brand image

A customer-centric approach requires the implementation of customer knowledge and customer listening tools. You need to know your customers better and listen to their needs, opinions and ideas.

How? How? By using intelligent questionnaires, which you can design, configure and manage using a customer knowledge solution.

The questionnaires must be designed as both:

  • Satisfaction measurement tools: they allow you to know in real time if your customers are satisfied or not, for example with the NPS.
  • Steering tools: your customers, in the questionnaires, can give you ideas to improve your service or products, can alert you to malfunctions, etc.

Questionnaires, if well designed, are intended to be a valuable decision-making tool for you in order to improve customer satisfaction and, more generally, to optimize your brand image.

In analyzing the answers to your questionnaires, identify the elements that generate high customer satisfaction and add value for you.

In the same vein, do not hesitate to ask questions about your competitors to find out what your customers prefer about you compared to the competition, or on the contrary what they prefer about the competition. The answers provided will help you to better position yourself in the market.

A better customer knowledge makes it possible to improve products and services (by creating a better match with the needs and expectations expressed by customers) and thus to satisfy them.

Customer satisfaction at the meeting helps to enhance the brand image. The questionnaires also make it possible to clearly identify one’s strong points, and then to value them in one’s communication.

Certainly, for a brand image to be “recognized”, customer knowledge is not everything. It is important that your company is clearly identifiable and memorable in the customer’s mind, so finding a good logo and a strong slogan also plays an important role.

Nevertheless, the centrality of customer satisfaction is the basis for building a brand image and remains valued over time.

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