How to enhance your brochure with interviews


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Interviews are a good way to bring “life” into a brochure. They read with pleasure, because people (mostly) find other people interesting. With the right questions and good communication skills, employees, suppliers or customers are happy to open up and provide insightful information that not only offers the reader added value, but also appeals to the interpersonal level.

Here are a few tips:

Interview instead of portrait

In the case of image brochures in particular, a separate chapter is often devoted to the founder, the boss or the managing director. Sometimes the protagonist writes this page himself, sometimes it is written by the copywriter.

How about a quick interview with the boss instead? Of course, exciting questions are important here, which also reflect so far rather unknown sides of the founder or managing director.

Supplementary information

Suppose you produce food with exotic ingredients. Then simply give your readers an insight into raw material production. Bring an interview with the plantation owners, with the farmers who plant your herbs or fruits. Thus you offer the readers not only information, but also entertainment.

Employees in focus

Are you particularly proud of your employees? Then show this in concrete terms by portraying a wide variety of employees in an interview: What do they like about their work? What are the challenges? What is particularly fun? This gives readers of your brochure design an insight into the most diverse areas of the company – from production workers to controllers.

Complement these interviews with meaningful photos directly from the respective workplace. This gives your company a “face” that appeals to readers and creates an emotional connection.

The right questions

It is often helpful to ask people outside the company what they would like to learn from an employee or trainee. Interviewers who have been with the company for a long time often have difficulty in assessing which information is of interest to outsiders. What is a matter of course for insiders can have a high information and entertainment value for outsiders.


Interviews are a good opportunity to offer insights of a different kind into management, raw material extraction, production. They provide information from the interviewee’s perspective and signal that you value the performance of employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. Often read phrases such as “We appreciate the contribution of our employees and suppliers to the success of the company” are given tangible content. To know more about brochure designing, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

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