How to Build a Strong Brand Identity?

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Brand is an identity through which people see you, recognize you and identify you. So you should not think too much about it before you start building it.

Crux Creative Solutions is an established branding agency in India that will provide some tips to find out where to start, and how to implement a strong brand identity, follow our tips.

The Basics of Your Corporate Branding

Anglo Saxons use the term “corporate branding” to refer brand identity. No matter what word he uses, as long as he’s talking about you, right?

We would like to give you a few ideas to help you:

  • What are your values?
  • What is your mission, the goal of your company?
  • What makes you different?
  • What are the three words by which you would summarize your project?
  • What do you want customers to think when they see you?
  • What emotion do you want to transmit?
  • By what adjectives do you want to be defined?

You will use these elements as a basis to build your brand identity. In this way you will find the final result, the message to be conveyed.

All you need now are the ingredients for the sauce to set.

Which elements should be taken into account to build a brand identity?

A brand’s identity is primarily visual. People will see you, before they hear you, touch you and feel you.

Therefore, you will need a graphic design, which is based on the principles outlined above. Because everything speaks for you:

  • Your typography: a handwritten font does not leave the same impression as printing capitals.
  • Your colours: red transmits dynamism, blue reassures… Each hue emits on a different tone.
  • The shape of your logo: one round logo and another rectangular logo do not exactly say the same thing about you.

Where will you communicate about your brand identity?

It’s not just saying, “Hey, look at me, I’m fun and dynamic” for everyone to believe.

You need to convey this message, in almost any hypothetical ways, using all the communication media at your fingertips:

  • Your logo, it represents you best.
  • The design of your website, which will be based on your favourite colours and typographies, but which can also go further with specific interactions and appropriate graphic choices.
  • Your business cards: If this element seems particularly useful in a B2B context, it is no reason to forget to show who you are.
  • Your packaging: they must be recognizable between thousand, and always remind your basic messages (think of Michel and Augustin’s packaging, who even know how to present their lists of components with humour)
  • Your emails: all communication media count. If you use for your emailers or your newsletters, a basic template, without images, without life, what message are you sending?
  • Your social networks: it is obvious that they must remain in the tone that is specific to you, while respecting the codes inherent to each of them. A balance that can sometimes be difficult to achieve, which may force you to select certain networks as a priority, more in line with your target.
  • Your brand identity will become strong when it is consistent across all the elements that represent you.
  • Think also about your texts: their tone, their choice of words, sentences but also of subjects must also correspond to your corporate branding!

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