How can we use HubSpot for an international inbound marketing strategy?

Is your company already present internationally or are you in full development on new markets? You are looking for a solution that will allow you to implement an inbound marketing strategy internationally. HubSpot may be the right solution.

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In this article, we discuss the main reasons why we can say that, yes, HubSpot can be used for an international inbound marketing strategy.

Multilingual content management

If you are looking to implement an inbound marketing strategy and international automation marketing, you already know their various elements. So there is no need to dwell on this subject at length. Let’s simply recall the main elements such as the website (including the blog section), landing pages, forms, emails and CTAs. Now let’s get to the heart of the matter: how can you manage all these elements in multilingual?

Manage easily your different contents in several languages

The HubSpot CMS enables you to easily manage all your languages. Start by defining your main language (only one per domain). To do this, simply go to Content Settings >> Domains & URLs >> Language Settings. You will only have to define a main language for the domain.

Once you have done this, you can easily create one or more translations for your content. The steps to follow are very simple. Simply create your content (web page or landing page), then click More in your manager, and choose Create Translation.

If you have not yet defined a language for this content, HubSpot will ask you to choose the language of your first version, then choose the language into which you will translate your content.

The main advantage of HubSpot in this multilingual content management is the automatic modification of certain elements by the platform:

The meta element specifying the page language will be created automatically. No need to manually insert the following meta into your content header: <META name=”Language” Content=”EN”>
Internal links to COS content will be rewritten to direct to the correct translation of the content. A real time saver!

Customize the user experience with smart content

Whether for regular visitors or as yet unknown Internet users, you want to customize their interactions with your content as much as possible. But for visitors of whom you know nothing, it looks more difficult.

For Unknown Visitors

The HubSpot CMS, allows you to customize the user experience even before the first interaction of a visitor on your site.

There is indeed a simple and effective leverage of action. You can predict the content that will be displayed on your site and landing pages according to two criteria specific to the Internet user:

IP Address – HubSpot allows you to segment your visitors according to their IP address. Thanks to the IP address, the user’s country is known to you. So you can create smart content, by selecting the country as the trigger for that content.

Browser language – Same principle as for IP address, now using the language defined by the visitor’s browser.

For known visitors

You have access to more opportunities. The determining criterion for the implementation of smart content will be membership of a list. According to the information collected by your forms, you can segment your contacts according to specific values (persona, customer path, product preferences in particular).

In an international context, a segmentation according to different regions of a country or market is potentially interesting. By using smart content wisely, you will be able to promote relevant CTAs according to your offers and according to your different markets.

What about in practice?

To create smart content, simply go to the page or landing page where you want to include the content. Then move your cursor over the element in question, and click on the smart button. You will then have to define the triggers and rules that will allow this content to be displayed.

If you want more information about smart content creation in HubSpot, an article is available in their knowledge base.

Easy synchronization with powerful tools

If you want to maximize your international presence, it is very likely that you already have a CRM, and not necessarily the HubSpot CRM. Don’t panic! HubSpot is configured to facilitate synchronization with many tools.

Take Salesforce, the world leader in CRM. By synchronizing your marketing tool with your CRM, you transmit valuable insights to your sales force while facilitating sales and marketing alignment. Your qualified leads are directly transferred to the designated sales representatives, improving your efficiency and productivity.

Easy analysis and optimization of your marketing performance

A recurring and essential step in any marketing project, the analysis of your performance also determines the choice of your technology. In an international context, your KPIs must at least be segmented by market, country, service range or products.

HubSpot’s add-on reports allow you to acquire this precise granularity in your analyses. You can create custom reports and then add them to your dashboard. It is also possible to use the campaign functionality to analyze your performance by campaign and by country. Associate all the elements of your campaign (landing page, emails, CTA, workflows, etc). All you have to do is compare the performance of your campaigns by country.

What to remember

Is HubSpot the right tool for your international inbound marketing strategy? It all depends on your company profile, but we think it’s a more than adequate option.

As a reminder, the main advantages of HubSpot in an international environment are the following :

  • Simplified multilingual content management;
  • Personalize the user experience with smart content;
  • Easy synchronization with external tools ;
  • Granular analysis of your performance.

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