Highlights Of The New Digital Marketing Trends

Managing Google My Business Directly from the Search Results

When someone searches for your company name in Google, they will immediately see the information from your Google My Company profile. Your Google My Company profile is therefore very important to keep it up to date. This can be done, for example, by means of Google Posts and by collecting qualitative reviews.

You may already have known the importance of Google My Company, but keeping it up to date is something else. Who is responsible for the login details? What do I adjust where? Conclusion: this moves to the bottom of the to-do list. Google now makes adjusting your profile a lot easier by giving you the opportunity to modify your profile from the search results. search your own company name in Google and voila! You can customize your profile. How this looks like is shown in the picture below. This makes it even quicker and easier for you to update and expand your company information.

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New Google Adwords Dashboard

What is the advantage?

Each company has different goals for advertising in Adwords. The Adwords Dashboard enables you to display your most important statistics in one overview. In Adwords, you no longer have to open several pages to find out what the results are. The major advantage is that the dashboard allows Adwords to be easier to understand and therefore it can be more effective at using Adwords.

You can start right away by loading the sample dashboard (and editing it) or by making your own dashboard right from the start. To do so, go to ‘Reports’ in the main Adwords menu and select the ‘Dashboards’ tab.

You can read the official news article: https://adwords.googleblog.com/2017/07/get-panoramic-view-of-your-data-with.html

AMP landing pages for Adwords

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Google realized that if people click on advertisements and then the page loads faster, this has a huge advantage. Previous year, they have launched AMP landing pages for Adwords. From now on it is possible to link the ad to an AMP, so that the page will be loaded faster.

What are the advantages?

For instance, a faster loading of a new page can cause a lower bounce percentage or people to remain on the same page for longer on an average. Overall, it ensures that people get a better experience on your landing page, and a better landing page ensures a better quality score of your keyword in Google Adwords.


The AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages. As the name suggests, they are mobile pages designed to load as quickly as possible. These pages are stripped of design elements as it were and by means of caching these pages are loaded even faster.

LinkedIn launches Audience Network for advertisers

Facebook Audience Network has been in existence for 3 years now, but LinkedIn introduced their Audience Network at the beginning of this year. With the LinkedIn Audience Network, in addition to LinkedIn’s news feed you can now reach the professionals on third party websites and apps. For example, on Microsoft Web sites such as Outlook and MSN. This way your ads get a wider reach than if you only advertised in the LinkedIn news feed and you can increase your brand awareness.

What are the first results of the LinkedIn Audience Network?

6,000 advertisers had access to the beta version of the LinkedIn Audience Network and the results were positive: advertisers generally got 3% to 13% more unique impressions and up to 80% more unique clicks. Some advertisers also received up to four times more responses to advertisements from the Audience Network.


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