Google Search Console: new features and a full version by 2019

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After Google Adwords and then Google Analytics, it is Google’s Search console that is being revamped!

The interface of this Google tool has been optimized and redesigned to better meet current standards. But above all, it is the functionalities that are enriched and improved to provide better analysis to online marketing company in India.

Before reviewing the 2018/2019 novelties of the search console, let’s recall its usefulness.

How to use the Search Console?

The Search Console is a free service from Google to check the health of your website by analyzing its presence on the web. You can check that the search engine is able to analyze the content of your website and that it is free of errors (indexing, spam) or malware.

You can analyze in more detail how people interact with your website by analyzing searches in terms of position, impressions and clicks.

So you know:

  • Which search terms are used and for which your site appears in Google results,
  • Which search terms are the most effective because they have led more Internet users to click (and to deduce from them how the presentation of one of your pages in search results is effective or consistent with this search.),
  • Which external sites have a link to yours,
  • Which are the internal links to your website,
  • What your structured data is and to what extent you should enrich it,
    if your ergonomics are optimized.
  • You can also access tools to help you tag and delete URLs.
  • Note that an email alerts you as soon as an anomaly is detected or corrected.

Google’s Search Console is therefore a very practical, even essential tool for maintaining a website.

Google’s Search Console offers users more flexibility and features. The objective is to have a sufficiently efficient service in the management of its site and in order to achieve the best possible optimizations for Internet users. Because let us not forget, the purpose of the rules that govern the web are oriented towards the experience of the Internet user (and the mobile user).

However, not all the features planned are yet available and Google plans to gradually put them online. So you can always switch between the old and new version to access all the features.

Google support gradually updates the search console user guide.

Much longer analysis periods, interactive reports, performance comparison tables… let’s take a closer look at what’s new in Google’s Search Console.

Further analysis of digital data

In the new version of the search console, the home page presents the main key indicators in graphical form for the last 3 months.

Here are the modules currently on the dashboard:

  • The performances show the evolution curve of the clicks,
  • The index cover shows errors and valid pages,
  • Possible improvements according to its classification (ergonomics, AMP).
  • When you click on each module, a detailed report provides access to a new graph or a detailed list of results or improvements to be made.

More use is made of search console data thanks to improved ergonomics: data layout and display, use of advanced filters, tables, graphs.

But also, through functionalities that did not exist or that have been enriched and that allow more advanced analyses:

  • possibility to extend the analysis period and customize it beyond 3 months,
  • comparison of traffic performance according to the website version,
  • comparison of your traffic performance by country, device, request, url,
  • url inspection with recommendations for improvements for this page,
  • a unified and detailed presentation of incoming and outgoing links and their anchor texts.

With this ergonomics and new features, it is then more pleasant, easier to perform a thorough analysis. It is true that the Search Console needed a little refreshing. We then understand that with these latest updates, the tool will be brought back to the level of its peers: Analytics, Adwords, etc. Improvements that were ultimately more than necessary.

Knowing that the updates are not finished, I guess the Search Console has some nice surprises in store for us! To be continued. To know more about new updates or want to start digital marketing for your company, call us on +91-124-4207905 or contact us here. We are No. 1 creative digital marketing company in India for providing world class digital marketing strategies for the clients.

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