Google-like Work Tool To Be Soon Launched By Tiktok Maker Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

The parent company of TikTok- ByteDance will try to capture the latent demand in the country that has been catalyzed by the coronavirus.

The maker of TikTok is all set to roll out a Google-like work tool of office collaboration. The platform is looking to expand beyond short video sharing. ByteDance Inc. the parent company became the world’s most valuable start-up on the strength of its viral consumer apps like TikTok.

Now the company is getting ready to launch a suite of tools that mark an overhaul of the approach to work with software. This will focus on cloud-based file management, document, and spreadsheet. This roll-out will begin in China first, the name hasn’t been revealed yet due to privacy.

Coronavirus outbreak has pushed millions of Chinese workers to quit going to the workplace and into the realm of video conferencing, messaging and other online tools to keep the business going.

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The enterprise software market is now doing everything to remain in the competition. Due to the major shutdown, the most workable formula that has been decoded is the ‘suite’ format.

Chinese giants want to do everything. If they seem to find one proven business model, every other business is getting into it.

ByteDance was originally created Feishu-Lark as just an internal tool, for the employees to use and maintain data internally. Lark has only experienced modest traction overseas and the market caught up only in Singapore, U.S., and India. So, ByteDance has a plan on targeting the local Chinese market first, grow to its fullest and then plan on expansion.

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