From convincing strategy to influencing strategy

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There is no more rational and linear arguments that develop their reasonable arguments to encourage you to buy. No more sellers who think they have the truth when their potential customers know as much as they do, if not more!

No need for self-glorification conventions in front of prospect or customer beds that should fade at the sight of a CEO blinding himself with his comforting words. He simply forgot that conviction is no longer a transactional approach, i.e. one who knows to one who does not know, but a whole new paraphrase: sharing.

Therefore, we only advise you to design your Influence Circuit instead of the Conviction Circuit.

Each stratum corresponds to a specific Communication Strategy:

  • Collaborators: Membership Strategy
  • Ambassadors or Loyal Customers: Partnership Strategy
  • Early Adopters: Cocooning Strategy
  • Influencers: Influence Strategy
  • Deciders: Conquest Strategy
  • Users: Image Strategy
  • Prospects: Desire Strategy

To elaborate each of these strategies while integrating them into a global vision, a timely approach: implement the 4 cultures of Inbound Marketing: Difference, Obsession-Client, Digital Strategy and Brand Content.

Difference, Customer Obsession, Digital Strategy and Brand Content: the 4 cultures of Inbound Marketing

Do not hesitate to involve managers in designing, monitoring and controlling each of the 4 Cultures. For instance, the Marketing Manager concentrates on the differentiating added value of the company and its services, the Sales Manager arranges the Obsession-Client Strategy, the Communication Manager implements the Digital Strategy and Brand Content. With a professional requirement to share the expertise with each other.

These four pillars are the backbone of your Inbound Marketing strategy – a genuine medium-term foundation of your communication strategy. Each culture will have to be structured and, through appropriate dashboards, their respective performances will have to be perceived.

Culture #1: Difference or How to Move from Indifference to Difference

Basically, except the difference, there is no way out. Can you imagine distinguishing yourself from the competition by practicing a “Me-too” policy, by joining the crowd of followers and letting the leader take the lead? Overcome this dilemma by looking for your difference both in terms of Offer Marketing and in terms of Positioning.
So don’t get involved in a maze of posts or writing articles without first defining your Brand Identity, illustration of your purpose and symbol of your economic role.

Culture #2: Obsession-Client or Living your brand through the eyes of your customers

One of the software leaders, Oracle, understood everything… They are the first to have imagined a Behavior Charter entitled “the Customer obsessed marketing” organised the whole company around the customer.
He obviously remembered Sam Walton’s famous quote, “The only boss is the client. He can fire everyone, from the manager to the employee, by doing one simple thing: Spend his money somewhere else.
Everything is also part of a lead strategy based on data mining.

Culture #3: the digital strategy or a revolution in progress

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Website and its companion, the blog, are the two core elements of your Inbound Marketing strategy.
Consider giving it extreme attention and investing all your intelligence and obstinacy. Don’t venture to create a showcase site! Awful and damnation: you condemn yourself to have a site without soul, without exchanges and without possibility of widening your target. But multiply the CTAs (Call to Action) to create the desire to download your White Papers, computer graphics, invitations…and create the voluntary call to join.
A website without CTA is like a tourist stay in a country with no human contact: you remember it but don’t want to come back!

Culture #4: Brand Content or Brand Content Strategy.

“There is nothing more unforgivable than to annoy your audience” ( Churchill)
Any branded content, we trying to say, has to inspire a desire… to know more. So, please, don’t bother the person you’re talking to. Pleasure, yes simply pleasure, is a source of empathy. Why not introduce impertinence into your texts?
How? inspired by three elements: oxymoron, paradox and absurd!

In short, these 4 Cultures: Difference, Customer Obsession, Digital Marketing Strategy and Brand Content will lead you to a change of era, to combine marketing with your sales force and to create a new state of mind that will transform your business by putting the Customer at the centre of all your actions.

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