Four marketing ideas from the last 15 days


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Find this week 4 inspired and inspiring online marketing ideas that have marked the last 15 days. Crux and its teams stop on these innovations for the time of an article to compile them and explain them to you. Marketing ideas launched by emblematic brands or promising young startups in India but also across the Asia.

When Burger King launches a survey on Instagram stories to create a Whopper

The instagram stories and the whopper. The link is not easy to make but nevertheless there is a history between these two new emblems of Pop culture.

Burger King, communication and marketing giant, launched last week a survey only available on the favorite social network of its core target: Instagram.

The Burger King’s goal: create a new Whopper based on the answers to these questions. 15 stories for 15 ingredient choices; once the user made his choices, he received a private message on the network, corresponding to a voucher. By going to Burger King, the customer was given at the same price as a usual Whopper his Whopper personalized according to his tastes.

A campaign that paid off, because in the space of 3 hours, Burger King had 270,000 interactions with 45,113 users and 34,675 personalized Whopper coupons created in less than three hours, not counting the international media relay.

HyperCity will launch a loyalty program dedicated to organic products

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The HyperCity’s parent company is launching a new loyalty programme exclusively dedicated to organic products. The objective? Surf on the “eat better” trend and register as a responsible brand.

From this week you will find in your HyperCity supermarkets promotional offers and exclusive offers on products from organic farming. This new program is part of a strategic line chosen by the brand. “Eat it better” with this famous advertisement that has toured the Web and moved a large number of its viewers or even these ads dedicated exclusively to organic such as the organic carrot.

With this new loyalty programme, the holders of this new card will obtain a 5% discount on the brand’s fruit, vegetables and organic products. An evolving offer: from the 4th visit in store in 1 month, the customer will be offered a 10% discount. In parallel, an application will allow the brand’s customers to download promotions specific to their consumption.

And just for your dose of daily tenderness back on the latest HyperCity commercial.

Nestlé acquires pet media specialist Wamiz

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Nestlé, with a turnover of €84 billion in 2017, has always been able to adapt and, above all, innovate in the various markets of its many brands. In this continuity, Nestlé now relies on a proven marketing method, Inbound Online Marketing. Many brands and advertising agencies already apply it since its introduction on the market.

Nestlé therefore uses this method in the pet food market where the food giant owns Purina. After leading a partnership with Wamiz, an online media for dog, cat and rodent owners launched in 2009, Nestlé understood the importance of influencing media in the consumption of goods and bought the entire media.

A strategic choice, the medium now represents 5 million monthly visitors, 1 million subscribers to its newsletter, and provides its readers with many content adapted to the audience: advice and information, provision of a forum, active social network, video channel, customer reviews or the monthly WamizBox. The objective is therefore clear: to convert its audience into Purina consumers. This objective is clearly accessible in view of the data accumulated by the media, the impact of its publications and its control over the media.

Facebook launches new “Job Offer” feature

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Facebook is repositioning itself in other segments to assert a more generalist positioning and secure other development prospects in a more than tumultuous context for the American giant.

With a papable tension and the rise of LinkedIn on this market, Facebook unveils this new feature designed to facilitate job search on the social network and trigger contact between companies and users. A launch that is not in a test state because this functional addition is already present in 42 countries.

A marketing idea whose future raises many doubts. A new feature has already been added on Facebook with its integrated sales platform, and the results are not as expected by the brand. At the same time, LinkedIn’s position as market leader can give it lasting authority because the uses of the two groups are quite distinct in the minds of users.

And then as our aunt Suzanne says so well: “Be careful what you put on Facebook because it can play tricks on you”.

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