Facebook To Provide Free Ad Slots To Who For Quelling Coronavirus Rumours

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the social media giants have confirmed the move through a post on his Facebook page.

World Health Organisation (WHO) now have access to free ad slots to fight the rumours that are spreading on social media giant about coronavirus and its cure. The primary motive is to prevent any information about COVID-19 or commonly known as coronavirus.

The statement was released by the CEO, Mr Zuckerberg himself on 4th of March through a Facebook page. In order to disseminate timely knowledge and to quell any floating misinformation about the virus, the social media giant will be working closely with national ministries of health and organisations like WHO, Centres for Disease Prevention & Control (CDC) and UNICEF.

For preventing rumours and making it an effective campaign, Facebook has decided to give away as many free ad slots as required to WHO along with other needed support.
Zuckerberg further added, “I will provide support and millions more in as credits to any organisation that will be working closely with global health experts.”

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While we are writing this, there are 98,429 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 3,387 deaths due to the virus. Government is trying to mobilize their coronavirus response to curb its spread and also are grappling with the rampant spread of faulty knowledge and hoaxes about COVID-19.

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