Facebook Is Rolling- Out Broad Search ad Placement For Advertisers

Facebook Is Rolling- Out Broad Search ad Placement For Advertisers

Facebook started testing ad placement in search for the first time around last December and the same was extended to more accounts in July. Nearly a year later, Facebook is finally opening ads search to all advertisers.

Just like the regular search on FB, the ads will appear for search terms that have commercial intent. Searches for commercial products that are related to e-commerce, retail or auto vertical will be shown as results. However, currently, this ad placement is only actively available on mobile and not desktop.

Facebook Director of Product Management, Nipoon Malhatra states “Testing shows that advertisers and people are finding value in ads in search results, so we’re rolling out these ads more broadly”.

There are two ways to get your ads to appear in the search result, either you can click on “Automatic Placement” or choose the “Facebook Search results”. The ads will be displayed to the target audience based on what options advertiser has chosen and based on relevant search term keywords. The keywords are determined by Facebook, not the advertiser, and it does take into account a combination of ad features (ad text, product, category, title and description).

Why This Piece Of NEWS Is Important?

Facebook’s search ad placement came in as a Diwali bonus for any advertiser running a product sales or conversion-focused campaign. Now, the advertiser will have direct access to their targeted users who are also actively searching for and services that you have to offer. Also, Facebook’s ad inventory is completely saturated as of now and running ads on a different platform will provide some breathing space to users and advertisers as well.

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