Evolution Of Inbox In The Year 2020: For Seamless Customer Experience

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In recent years we have experienced a great shift in the way business handles their customer service and engagement. Various business giants have created highly potent customer engagement mechanisms right from inception.

Wither you are looking for a mode of transport or ordering food online, consumers in today’s time are highly demanding. Since they have the luxury of enjoying personalized customer experience. The modern consumer sees no reason why engaging with a business shouldn’t be as easy as talking to their kith and kins. In other words, they would just want to pick up the easy conversation at any given time, via a range of channels.

Reimagine the engagement

The rules of engagement in the industry have changed completely, organizations are now taking big steps towards making it accessible at all times. The traditional method of interacting is changing and is replaced by cloud-based contact centers for more personalized communication.

In a recent study, it is evidently mentioned that 83 percent of consumers still prefer email when receiving a non-urgent communication from businesses. Email services are going nowhere, it is here to stay.

But, on the contrary, for urgent communication, the personalized chatbox in the app itself is the biggest boon and the biggest evolution of how we perceive inbox.

The details of the conversation are also mailed to you on your primary email accounts but the urgent communication can directly be held on the app itself. This saves so much time and effort. Also, is a great tool for increasing efficiency.

The reimagining happens in the other areas too, with traditional communication channels like voice, SMS, and email. This is not the termination of traditional practices but an addition to it.


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