Email marketing: which colours to choose

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Any colours used can have an impact on the effectiveness of your emailer design. The notion of colour psychology therefore plays a very important role. We will describe in the next paragraphs the importance of colors.

The use of one colour rather than another can influence the following objectives:

  • The opening rate
  • The click-through rate
  • The reactivity rate
  • Churn rate
  • The rate of complaints (spam)
  • The NPAI rate (non-existent emails)
  • The conversion rate

What is the meaning of colours?

Generally speaking, colours act differently according to people. Not all will react in the same way to the colours used in your email marketing.

Thus, we notice that:

  • Yellow plays a role in optimism
  • Orange plays on the friendly role
  • Red plays on the excitement
  • Purple plays a role in creativity
  • Blue plays a role in trust
  • Green plays a role on appeasement
  • Grey plays a balancing role

The colours used for your emailer design are therefore very important. If you have never been interested in this issue before, the end of this article is for you.

The red color in an email

Generally speaking, red is not recommended in an emailing campaign. It is a color that stimulates but also causes adrenaline. On the other hand, it can also mean a ban or a danger. So, if you use too much red in your emailer design, it will give the reader a feeling of violence and or anger. Last little message: if you wish to keep this color in your email, choose a burgundy red, more attractive for your reader.

In which field to use this colour?

  • Luxury
  • Mode
  • Eroticism
  • Sport
  • Media
  • Humanitarian
  • Gastronomy and wine

The color orange in an email

Orange is a colour that immediately provokes a feeling of warmth and joy. In the body of an email, it will convey values such as creativity, the sense of communication. Be careful not to overdo it: an excess of orange will cause an aggressive effect towards your reader.

In which field to use this colour?

  • Entertainment
  • Sports and fitness
  • Communication
  • Agro-food

The yellow color in an email

Yellow is one of the brightest colours. It causes a feeling of joy.

But, the yellow in an emailing can very quickly damage the eyes of the reader and thus force him to leave your email. Moreover, this colour can also be synonymous with cowardice, selfishness and lies.

In which field to use this colour?

  • Agri-food
  • Insurance
  • Music
  • Informatics
  • Tourism

The color blue in an email

Blue is a very good color, especially for men (their favorite color). This colour is usually associated with honesty, loyalty and trust. However, it can also represent fear and authority.

In which field to use this colour?

  • Aeronautics
  • Informatics
  • New technologies
  • Travel

The green color in your emails

Generally speaking, green evokes nature. This colour is recommended because it calms the reader and soothes him when reading the message. Nevertheless, it has been of great use to companies wishing to appear “more natural” than they actually are.

In which field to use this colour?

  • Nature
  • Travel
  • Environment
  • Ecology
  • Discovery

The “grey” colour in your emails, a mix of black and white

Grey being a mixture of black and white, this color plays on two tables. As a reminder, white is associated with cleanliness, kindness, purity; when black is seen as a neutral, sober color, which can infuse sadness and monotony into your message. Grey is therefore a good compromise to convey the notions of calm, softness, but also rigour.

In which field to use this colour?

  • Construction
  • Design
  • Schools

The color purple in your emails

Purple is a colour as much loved as hated. Often called purple, it conveys the notion of confidence, serenity, gentleness and fulfilment, but also sadness, dissatisfaction.

In which field to use this colour?

  • Art and culture
  • Luxury
  • Music
  • Studies
  • Belief
  • Business

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