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Since one year with Crux, we realize regularly tutorials in the form of videos, these last mix screenshots with scenes of explanatory animations. Here is an article to show you how to do the same and simply make animated explainer videos.

What do I need to create an animated explainer video?

To come back to the subject that interests us today, namely the creation of an animation video, you will need, depending on the case, the following software:

You only need an animation video. In this case, the VideoScribe software published by Sparkol will do the trick. This option will be perfect to present your service (for startups for example).

You need, like us, to mix screenshots with animation. In this case, in addition to VideoScribe, you will need to take Camtasia edited by Techsmith. These two programs combined will be perfect to explain how an online service works and make tutorials as we do.

Concerning Sparkol, you can try it 7 days for free and then the subscription is 15$ per month for an annual subscription, or 520$ for lifetime use. I opted for the annual subscription at 158$ but as the subscription is coming to an end, I think I’m going to use it for life, the software having become one of my indispensable.

For Camtasia, you have a one month free trial, then you have to count 322$ to buy the software, note that if you are on Mac, the corresponding version is only 125$.

VideoScribe to create animations in record time

You’ll see, VideoScribe is super intuitive and easy to use! In a few minutes you understand how it works and you can create your first animation quickly. By following the tutorials proposed by the editor and by training, we then manage to have rather impressive results.

A demo will speak louder:

The software offers a gallery of animations that you can resume, you can also add your own images and set up an animation on them. Once the animation is ready, you can add some background music (VideoScribe offers some but for my part, I prefer to go on AudioJungle).

When you are happy with the result, you can export the animation. You still have to upload it to your Youtube channel. In short, the process is really simple.

Camtasia to make screenshots and basic video editing

If you are like us and want to add a copy of your screen to your videos, Camtasia will allow you to do so. The software will also allow you to do basic video editing in addition to video capture. You do not, of course, have the same possibilities as with software like Adobe Premiere, but to begin with this can largely do the trick. To master well Camtasia, I advise you to view all their videos (Camtasia will send you these videos after your registration to the trial version), they will allow you to learn the software.

For my part, the combination of Camtasia and VideoScribe is enough for me to realize our tutorials.

Last advice for your animation video, take care of the sound and invest in a microphone. For my part, I opted for the Rode SmartLav tie microphone and the IK IrigDual which allows two microphones for interviews.

Here you know everything, feel free to contact us if you have any questions by clicking here.

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