Digital Video Consumption Of An Average Indian Has Grown 2X In Past Two-Years

The report by Boston Consulting Group & Confederation of Indian Industry has released the data stating that Indians are consuming double the digital video than they did in 2017.

BCG and CII released a report “The Trillion (and growing) touchpoint story- recognizing the monetization conundrum”.

The report seeks to measure based on last year’s publication and highlights. India’s unique multi-modal growth continues to play out. Chairman of CII, Sudhanshu Vats stated, “India is one of the unique markets, where nearly all forms of media consumption are growing. However, true disruption is being seen in digital video, which has grown at a staggering 46% CAGR over the past two years”.

The pattern has been noted will only increase in the future.

According to the report, the average Indian’s video consumption has increased due to the back of surging smartphone adoption and low-cost & high-speed mobile internet. Indian customers are becoming significantly engaged with the content that is out there.

Why this piece of NEWS important?

Content creation is increasingly leveraging the sudden shift and vice-versa. Now, users are demanding more-relatable, unique content and content creators are providing the same. It is a good time for a creator who wants to make a mark. The industry has wide-scope.


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