Digital Marketing Space Leveraged On This Festive Season

Digital Marketing Space Leveraged On This Festive Season

Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals all across India. People from all religious and traditional walks decorate their homes and participate in the festivities. The marketplaces in the country experience an unbelievable influx of visitors dressed in ethnic attires. Religious ceremonies in various sacred institutions mark the symbolic triumph of good against evil. All in all, the entire nation harmoniously lights up resulting in a serene display of communal cheer.

The celebratory atmosphere has paved its way into the digital marketing space as well. According to a research festival of lights has increased the sales of the products/services that ran Diwali-themed campaigns. Various recognizable names came up with innovative ideas. Small business wasn’t behind either; their campaigns integrated the festive spirit in their promotional campaigns, leading to a visible increase in sales.

However, campaigns that advocated for an eco-friendly Diwali has witnessed almost a 23% increase in the website visits.

Why this piece of NEWS important?

The market space especially the digital marketing sphere is dominated by millennials and gen-Z. The young-adults are aware and ‘woke’, they will not put their money into a brand which doesn’t integrate the same values. Advertisers who are shy enough to not address the socially-charged issue are risking a large chunk of audiences.

The new generation with purchasing-power is more aware than ever. They understand their duties and wouldn’t mind reminding brands of theirs.

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