Digital marketing and traditional marketing must go hand in hand

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Forget for a moment the preconceived ideas that make you think that traditional marketing has disappeared and that only digital marketing works.

If the new generation is clearly more accustomed to media on the Internet than to paper, your strategy must be a mixture of the 2 marketing campaigns to work at its best. It’s like the mix between offline and online or paper advertising that can’t disappear.

Traditional marketing still has a bright future ahead of it

To begin, let’s look at a simple axis of what traditional marketing is all about. To attract customers to your company you must offer it an advertisement that will make as many customers as possible want to work with you.

To do this, your method must be relatively simple and effective: you can have at your disposal tools that will remind your potential prospects of your existence every day. Of course, this will involve advertising in newspapers, mailboxes and shops, but also at trade fairs.

By trade fairs we mean business groups aimed at generating meetings between individuals and entrepreneurs.

To make your presentation work and stay in the memory of visitors, you can create objects with your logo on them to make sure that the potential prospect thinks of you regularly. For example, thanks to Avecvotrelogo, a specialist in promotional items, you can create personalized pens, cups or backpacks with your visual identity.

If the latter is powerful and makes an impact on the visitor, you are likely to be the person they will contact the day they need a company in the field they are looking for.

Digital marketing, a way to reach prospects at a lower cost

At the moment, it is illusory to think that one can evolve at the national or even international level without ever being present on the net. It is important for companies and brands not only to reach out to Internet users through e-mail campaigns and ads on social networks, but also to be the subject of articles created by customers.

The latter are the ones who can make you the best and worst advertising, so it is up to you to always stay at the best of your level to stay in the hearts of Internet users.

Today, influencers will be there to support you, especially if you represent a brand. Youtubers, bloggers and others with a large Internet community in the field in which you work can be of great help in reaching as many potential prospects as possible in a very short time.

Combining traditional and digital, ensuring maximum impact

By engaging in 2 targeted marketing campaigns, you will have access to a large number of prospects that will then enable your company to operate. No marketing technique should be neglected, being on all fronts remains the best way to shade the competition.

In addition, note that a marketing campaign will often be less expensive than a traditional campaign, but both will offer highly complementary results.

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