Designing Brochures: Caption Texting

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Captions are among the most widely read texts in brochures.


Take a look at yourself: When you pick up a brochure designing, you usually start by quickly browsing through it, looking at the photos and reading the caption for those pictures that appeal to you most. Only then do you deal with the longer text blocks.

Take advantage of this and put your most important sales arguments in the captions.



Don’t just describe the content of the photo or graphic – you’re just stealing the reader’s time. Better bridge the gap between image content and product value, provide information that the photo does not provide, and describe what the reader gets from your product.

An example: When you make tennis shirts, don’t just write: “Milton Tennis Shirt, heat-regulating”. Better: “This is how you stay cool: Our Milton tennis shirt reliably dissipates heat – thanks to newly developed high-performance fibres”.


Keep it short – keep in mind that the detailed information can be found in the continuous text anyway. Nevertheless, the caption should be able to stand alone and form a closed information block.


Captions should not consist of just one or two nouns. Write in full sentences, easily understandable and find a suitable mixture of emotion and information.


The readers of your brochure pay a lot of attention to the captions, here they “get stuck” – provided that the photos and graphics are appealing. Benefit from this attention span and place the strongest sales arguments under your pictures. This draws the reader into the continuous text, where he then deals with your offer in detail. Crux Creative Solutions is a No. 1 business brochure designing services company in India. We at Crux provide services which includes brochure designing, flyers, pamphlet, leaflet and posters for our clients. Work with us now! Call us on +91-124-4207905 or email us at

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