Design brochures: How to make the cover?

The cover is the packaging of your brochure. And you should pay a corresponding amount of attention to the design of the first page – not only from a graphical point of view.

The content of the cover must offer more than a logo, company name and statement in the style of “Committed to Progress”, supplemented by a boring photo of the plant facilities. This way you don’t make your brochure a powerful marketing tool. The potential buyer doesn’t feel addressed and doesn’t want to get to know your brochure better. Valuable sales opportunities are given away.

Think about the cover with which you emotionally touch the prospective customer, how you captivate his attention in such a way that he can’t help but take the brochure and read it.


Provide benefits.

Formulate your headline to make the benefits of your performance clear – in a simple and compelling way. Be as specific as possible, for example: “How you can save 10 % energy costs with our xy cooling system”.

Addressing needs.

Show that you know and understand your customers’ wishes and concerns. Ask a question, make a promise, get to the heart of the most pressing customer problem. Speak the language of your customers – away from meaningless marketing phrases and brittle technical jargon. This way you connect directly with the reader and arouse his curiosity.

Creating incentives

Think of additional incentives to arouse the reader’s interest. This can be a special discount, an exclusive invitation or a free report.


With the cover, you need to connect directly with the reader in seconds. You can only do that if you address his feelings and needs. Only then “pull” the reader into your brochure. And stand out positively from the competition. Crux Creative Solutions is one of the best corporate brochure designing company in India which provide brochure designing services to the clients. Our creative team of experts create best in class brochures for their clients which stands out from the competitors. Call us now for a better brochure design at lucrative price, Phone No. +91-124-4207905 or Email:

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