Data Experts Are the ‘new’ Influencers on Social Media!

Data Experts New Influencers Social Media

Data scientists and healthcare experts have gained overnight popularity among regular social media users amidst COVID-19.

Until three weeks ago, none of us had heard about Norbert Elekek. He is a self-proclaimed “data storyteller”, he is now famously known for tweeting COVID-19 statistics round the clock. He recently gained 1,80,00 followers in the last three weeks.

He suddenly started showing up in users feed; it is because people are interacting with him more and more now. Since he has been posting about real-time updates on coronavirus cases from around the world, his popularity has only seen the rise. He also posts a comparative analysis of accumulated data over a period of time.

This is that time when no one talks about anything else but about the virus outbreak, in such times, his timeline offers statistics at a glance for one to stay updated all the time.

He is a social media influencer now, and he is not alone in this. Data Scientists and Healthcare experts are the people who people have been looking out for, ones who share data and insights on COVID-19 on the online platform have now emerged as the real influencers of these times.

Some prominent names to follow during this pandemic are- Kolchinsky, Michael Shellenberger, Scott Gottlieb, and Anna Podalanczuk. They all are very well known in their respective fields but have gained overnight success in recent times among regular people.

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