Finally! Dark Mode for Facebook’s Desktop Version

Dark Mode for Facebook

The ever-so-long teased redesigned desktop version of Facebook has finally started rolling out with dark mode of course.

The social media giant, Facebook has been around for a long time now. It has managed to survive the branching out phase like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Facebook initially was launched as a website-based platform but due to high demand, it soon turned into application on various software like IOS and Android. The mobile application is the most preferred medium for medium usage but the website is still preferred for access on computers.

Facebook has experienced multiple UI changes over the years but the website has been quite the same for a long time, which it will change now.

Facebook has been teasing a redesigned look for a long time. Also, the new UI comes in a dark mode.

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To activate the dark mode, you will have to visit the website on desktop and then go to the setting bar. There lies the option “See New Facebook” icon. From there you can choose whether you wish to have a dark mode or the white mode. This will also shift the desktop version into the redesigned one. However, if you wish to get back to your old setting, go to setting tab and hit “switch to Classic Facebook”.

The new design is cleaner, icons are more rounded and overall ambiance of the version is quite modern. Navigation is also streamlined now, homepage transition is quicker, larger fonts, sensible layouts. All of these so the design is easier to the eyes.

If you do not see these changes in your desktop, try a few days later as rolling out is still under process.

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