Create a brochure? Are you going to do it yourself or are you going to spend it out?

corporate brochure designing

In the process of promoting your new product line, you have decided that you want a brochure. After some brainstorming you’ll first have to check Google to see what the possibilities are. And after some research you soon find out that making a brochure can still be a nice job. From product and mood photos to graphic design and texts. Are you going to do all this yourself or are you going to use an advertising agency? In this article, we share our vision on making a brochure or outsourcing it.

Brochure design… Do you want to do it yourself or outsource it?

Depending on the way you fill in your search query, you will also find many possibilities to design your own brochures online. There are more and more providers (mainly online printing companies) that offer the possibility to create a brochure in online design programs. With this service you can immediately set to work and create your own folder and then order right away.

Of course, the online printing companies try to grab a part of the market from the traditional printing companies, but it is also a part of the market widening or possibly even better termed expansion. In the past, brochures (like many other printed media) were not really accessible to the smaller entrepreneur. The prices and runs were so high that it was not interesting at all. This has made a difference with the arrival of online print providers. Because they combine the printed matter of tens to hundreds of customers each time on a printed sheet, you as a customer do not pay the relatively enormous set-up costs on your own. These are distributed among the different customers, which means that you suddenly pay much less for your printed matter.

In recent years, the online printing companies have used this way of working to boost the market and make printing much more accessible to the smaller entrepreneur, or the entrepreneur who simply does not want to spend too much on it. This development (together with another strongly emerging revolution in the printing world, the digital printing press) has made printed matter very interesting in terms of price, even at low print runs. The diversity of paper types and finishes has also increased enormously.

Okay, that’s all easier said than done, of course…

To come back to the brochures and designing it yourself. I don’t really feel like these online design programs are being used a lot. Even though the providers all advertise with the fact that it’s super easy, it’s still difficult if you have no graphic knowledge at all or no feeling for graphic design or text writing at all. Most people will spend many evenings understanding such a programme, let alone getting something good out of it in terms of design.

Cheap is expensive

With a bit of bad luck it also costs you so much time and energy when you do it yourself that it would probably have been cheaper if you had it done. And even more important than the lost time: A wrong campaign or a bad brochure design can also damage your name and brand more than good and thus be counterproductive.


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