Checklist Brochures Part 3 & 4: Check Text and Contact

company brochure designing

How do the headlines work?

When it comes to the sales power of brochures, the headlines are very important – they draw the reader into the brochure. Have different people test the effect of your headlines again.

How do the subheads work?

Such subheadings make it easier for the reader to scan the text and are important anchor points. Check whether the subheads correspond to the respective content or whether you are confusing the reader.

Do you use enumerations?

Clearly arranged lists are a pleasure to read and should therefore contain your most important product advantages.

Do you address the reader directly?

As in every advertising medium, your brochure design is also about potential customers. For all Wir formulations, check whether you can change the perspective, e.g. instead of “We will send the spare part immediately”, better “You will receive the spare part immediately”.

Are the spellings uniform?

For example, the position designations of employees, product names (company-internal vs. “official” designation) etc.

Has the corporate wording been taken into account?

For example with regard to love words (words and designations that correspond to the trademark philosophy), no words (words that contradict the trademark), the spelling of telephone numbers, the use of titles, the indication of the legal form of the company, etc.).

Has the text been proofread?

Either by a professional proofreader or a linguistically experienced employee who has not yet been involved in the company brochure design project and is therefore not blind to business.

Was the very last final version proofread?

It is problematic if you insert a word here in the checked version or change a sentence there. Experience has shown that there are often repetitions of words, shifts in meaning or gaps in sentences.

Are you calling for action?

Don’t just enter your contact details, but formulate a convincing call to action and tell the reader what to expect after making contact: a consultation, a detailed catalogue, an individual offer, etc.

Are all relevant contact options listed?

  • postal address
  • Telephone number (with or without extensions)
  • fax
  • web
  • email

Are the contact possibilities also desired?

Not every company wants to be contacted via Skype (even if a Skype account exists); not every company wants to receive requests via their office@….-address (and prefers to set up a request@…-address); not every company wants to draw attention to its Facebook page (because it is perhaps not maintained enough).

Is there a map of how to find us?

You should also consider people who travel to you by train or other public transport.

Do the photos of the contact persons fit?

If you provide your contacts (for example, the sales manager) with photos, the pictures should have the same style (and ideally come from the same photographer).

What additional information do you want to offer?

  • accepted means of payment
  • newsletter
  • hours of operation
  • manufacturer’s brands
  • warranties
  • Publication date of the business brochure designing
  • References (for photos, graphics, texts)
  • masthead

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