Facebook Offers Better Tools For Transparency, Decides Against Banning Political Ads

The social media giant announced a tool that gives users better control and makes advertisers more accountable than before and also has updated its Ad library. Facebook in its official statement claimed that it has finally decided against limiting the political ads that were previously targeting the specific groups of people and also decided against banning the ads completely. The […]

Instagram &TikTok: Top platforms for influencer marketing

Various brand custodians have predicted that Instagram will be the most lucrative platform for influencer marketing in the coming year, followed by TikTok and then YouTube. The annual survey by various influencer marketing company have offered a comprehensive look at today’s digitally advertised landscape and the impact it leaves on the consumer for brand communication and marketing. The Indian Influencer […]

70% Increase In The Programmatic Advertising In India

Matt Brocklehurst, Head of Partnerships, Publishers & Platforms Marketing APAC, Google says, “Programmatic leads the charts in the entire growth in ad spends in India.” Indian marketers are trying to unlock their full potential in the digital marketing sphere. It has been duly noted that the programmatic advertising in India is growing 70% more year-on-year. Matt Brocklehurst, Head of Partnerships, […]