5 basic good practices of an emailing campaign

Email campaigns raise many reflections and questions about their optimization and their contribution to a global marketing strategy. Let’s discover together 5 important practices to succeed in email marketing. 1. The title (the subject) This is obviously one of the major components of your email. This title, i.e. the subject of the e-mail, will very often be one of the […]

Performance indicators for an emailing campaign

An emailing campaign or emails is an English term describing the sending of emails to a defined group of people. These people can be your customers, prospects, suppliers, and even your employees. Every emailing campaign constitutes a communication action, also called direct marketing. Like any communication action, sending emails must also be monitored. Performance indicators should therefore be closely monitored […]

Email marketing: which colours to choose

Any colours used can have an impact on the effectiveness of your emailer design. The notion of colour psychology therefore plays a very important role. We will describe in the next paragraphs the importance of colors. The use of one colour rather than another can influence the following objectives: The opening rate The click-through rate The reactivity rate Churn rate […]

5 steps to re-enable your newsletter readers

How could you improve your statistics of opening and reading your email newsletters? This can be improved by researching who is really interested in your mailings and implementing reactivation strategies for readers that are not. In each email database there are ‘inactive subscribers’: readers who never open your newsletter, never mind clicking on links in that newsletter. There are many […]

5 Circumstances In Which Email Marketing Is Essential For Your Marketing Strategy

Online marketing strategies often focus on social media, SEO and SEM. But this means that one of the most powerful marketing strategies is being neglected: e-mail marketing. Social Media, SEO and SEM are very valuable strategies to attract more visitors to your website. But when it comes to connecting with your audience, email marketing may be the best way. The […]