What major innovations have brought the Internet to the field of training?

The advent of the Internet and the widespread use of smartphones have disrupted many sectors, including training. For both university and vocational training courses. What are these innovations in training that digital has brought? Here are the most recognized. Innovations from both sides: students and trainers Innovations in e-learning for students or apprentices To recognize the innovations brought about by […]

Outbound marketing: 5 tips for success

Outbound marketing, outbound marketing, or even interruptive marketing, several terms for a single concept: your Outbound strategy. Or how to reach consumers through media advertising and in-person contacts. Outbound marketing Outbound varies depending on whether the target audience is large (television advertising, free bies), totally personal (meetings, bidding) or “impersonal” (call or cover emails). Thanks to these outbound methods, prospects […]

Social networks: what use to promote a brand?

Today, social networks are an integral part of our lives, both personal and professional, and participate strongly in our development. A company has many ways to promote its values to a wide audience. Social networks are among those that convey information quickly and effectively. Indeed, most companies in all fields of activity have their account on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, […]

Marketing & cinema: creativity at the service of profitability

Marketing and cinema are two disciplines intrinsically linked since marketing is part of the every foundations of the creation of films for the general public. The reflection on the place of marketing in the cinematographic field is late: it only appears in the 90s, at a time when the production of large-budget films is intensifying. These reflections have inspired works […]