Premium Content may now be Payable for Publishers on Google

Paying for news will definitely branch off from the Alphabet-owned internet titan’s practice where it conveniently mines the internet for content it displays in search results. Google is in talks for negotiations with news outlets, where media organizations will be paying for the content they publish. This move is to eliminate blunting criticism that it unfairly profits from copyrighted news. […]

New-age, Digital Professionals Will Be In Demand In The Year 2020

High demand for people who have training in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, robotics and block-chain will be double at the beginning of this new decade. New-age technology professionals will be the most sought-after amongst so many professionals in this new year. There will be a high demand for people training in AI, machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, block-chain, etc. […]

E-Business Suffering Amidst Protests and Internet Ban

Various app-based services were hugely disrupted across Uttar-Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi after Government ordered a suspension of internet services. There were multiple complaints from food-delivery apps, cab-service providers, grocery-delivery and other mobile-based apps. The internet ban disrupted services, this majorly impacted office-goers, who use app-based cab service to reach their destination. When a brand relies on the Internet for providing […]