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animated business video production

To communicate on the web, video is now essential for a brand. But how to stand out, when you know that 400 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube? Animation video is an option! We tell you everything!

To explain a concept and arouse the desire to try a product, test a service or use an application, it is necessary above all to arouse the curiosity of consumers. To do so, animation video, which offers multiple creative options, is now one of the tools to be preferred.

Let it be said, it is an essential lever to hire customers, attract and retain them, but also to develop your notoriety and brand image, thanks to sharing on social networks in particular. You think we’re kidding? Read the following statistic!

According to the Crux Creative Solutions, the stories presented in animation videos are 22 times better understood and memorized.

Still not sure? You might think that animation video is reserved for a young audience. Wrong! The world of cartoons not only appeals to children, adults also love them. Don’t look perplexed, you read well: the contemporary generation of adults has been bottle-fed with cartoons, hence this affinity.

Who says cartoon, therefore does not say childish world. Thanks to an animated video, the brand creates a certain distance between the work and the viewer, which will more willingly push him to think before and after viewing.

And yes, to inform and educate, while capturing the attention of the net surfer thanks to animations and drawing movements. It is possible!

In recent years, this type of video has become increasingly popular in corporate communications. As proof, let’s look at the launch of the new CFL app. Thanks to the animation, it demonstrated the ease of use of its application, but also detailed the wide range of features offered.

The links that unite communication and animation have never been stronger

Choosing animation video in the context of an advertising use, this makes it possible to distinguish itself from its competitors. To achieve this, we obviously have to do things right. Among our little tips:

  • To communicate in an engaging way and better capture the attention of Internet users, we prefer a refined message, which will be more easily memorized and shared. So it is not this time to make tons of them.
  • The choice of words is essential: a language too professional, full of acronyms that only initiates will understand, it is to banish. You must adapt to the knowledge of those who view your video.
  • To make it easier for your audience to get into the story, it is important to design a character with whom they can identify.
  • Your speech must not convey 50 ideas at once: you must focus on one essential element.
  • The synchronization of sound and image is super important, it is the key so that your message is understandable. For the Internet user, it is simple: if what he sees is not consistent with what he hears, he risks losing the thread.
  • One last piece of advice? Be funny and friendly! For the rest, animation video has a bright future ahead of it, as it continues to improve.

Animation video on whiteboard

Also known as whiteboard video, its principle is very simple: on a white board, a hand trace, using a felt pen, drawings and text. The objective is to represent an idea or concept that is not always easy to understand.

You wish to launch yourself in the video of animation to promote a product/service, your company or your know-how? Good news, we can help you! The easiest way to find out more and meet us? You can reach us by contacting us here.

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