Brochures: How to make the preface a success

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In a novel, the first sentence is extremely important. It pulls the reader into the text – or makes him bored to cover the book. It’s similar with brochures.

Nevertheless, you can read the same introduction countless times: “We are an international company that specializes in XY. Our customers include technology leaders in various industries. This requires the highest level of competence and commitment.”

Pretty boring, huh?

It is better to start by docking directly with the potential customer. In other words: a text that emphasizes customer benefit. In this way you immediately (think of the short attention span!) establish a connection to the reader and make it clear to him that your company is about him – and not about sales figures or foreign branches. Only then will he continue to deal with your brochure.


Immerse yourself in the world of customers.

Put yourself in the position of your customers: What problems do they face every day? What’s bugging her? Where do your customers work unproductively, lose a lot of time or money? You can address these problems directly in the preface – and then offer your product as a solution.

A provider for aptitude diagnostics in the personnel area could write:

Do you sometimes wonder if you are hiring the most suitable applicants? Or whether you have the right people in the right place? Are you looking for a tool for secure personnel decisions?

Then we will find the optimal aptitude diagnostic solution for you. With proven expert knowledge and the experience of more than twenty years of personnel consulting.

Connect to the cover.

Continue the idea of the cover headline. In the foreword, pick up on the promise or theme of the cover and provide additional information. This gives the reader the feeling of following a red thread and allows you to guide him or her through the brochure.

Start with a mini case study.

If you have successfully completed an exciting customer project – why not tell us about it right at the beginning? Of course not in all detail and with an elegant transition to your company and the content of the brochure.


The foreword should be written as carefully as the cover. If the cover heading promises a useful, valuable, instructive brochure, don’t disappoint the reader during the introduction. Make sure that the reader gets the feeling “Here I am right”. To know more about corporate brochure designing and wants to create a brochure, call us on +91-124-4207905 or click here to contact us.

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