Branding Trends In 2018

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The year 2018 is a year with upcoming and lasting trends in branding. This news report will examine a number of trends. What new trends will emerge in 2018? What are the most interesting ones for your organisation? Which trends that are already known will remain and what changes will they bring about?

Why online marketing

The first trend is a well-known trend, namely Purposeful Branding. Purposeful Branding, or meaningful branding, is seen as something that transcends one’s own interests and drives social results. A good purpose serves the brand, the people and society as a whole. Ultimately, a meaningful brand is all about ‘why’ the brand exists. And if there is a social side to this, all the better, but not necessarily. Many marketing professionals are busy with it, but struggle with the balancing act between the daily pressure on results and the desire to contribute to a greater ideal. Purposeful Branding in practice often does not go beyond temporary, beautiful campaigns and supporting some charities.

Brand Culture

As Purposeful Branding is gaining more and more attention, the theory of brand culture will gain more attention. The theory of brand culture is about the wishes and desires of the company and its employees. These wishes and desires can be created in an integrating environment that bridges the gap between the aspects. In this respect, it is clear that the new generation of employees attaches great importance to the extent to which their work is meaningful and can be proud of the companies they work for. Companies therefore need to be meaningful and meaningful so that people can devote their talent and time to it with a great deal of enthusiasm.

The brand place

At the moment, brands in our Brand Society give meaning to products, services, organizations. The classic subdivision into manufacturer, retail, on and offline brands is outdated. A strong brand is immediately recognizable: purpose. It is increasingly about the total customer experience and design thinking. In this way, brands also give meaning to how we experience society and the world.

In this respect, the classic online giants make the transition to physical environments. The more digital the consumer becomes, the more value is attached to physical experiences. Brands can benefit greatly from this.

The city brand

In recent years, cities all over the world have been fighting for the best companies, employees, residents and the most beautiful events. The battle has led to more and more attention being paid to city branding. There is also increasing strategic attention for the integrated development of cities. These include the following points: concepts, as brands, in relation to all their functionalities and stakeholders. Cities are fertile ground for the development of new ideas for the future.

Smart brand

Listening better, getting to know us better, communicating and responding more personally, making our lives easier, making them more interesting and productive, and so on. Has been important for some time but now it is a must to be able to integrate technology in a relevant way in the customer experience, ‘every time, anywhere’.


The company is a full-service branding agency that keeps itself up to date with marketing trends and developments. Besides the fact that our own creative people are in the middle of this and always want to discover the latest gadgets, we also do this for our customers. In this way, we provide our clients with the latest trends with an eye to the future. Does your organization have a specific issue and can help you in the field of Digital marketing, branding or with the development of a future targeted website, webshop, app? Feel free to contact us.

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