Branding content strategy. And impertinence too.

corporate branding identity creation

“There’s only one horrible thing in this world, one irremissible sin: boredom” Oscar Wilde

How right he is: what speech, so profound in its content, so interesting in its content, resists boredom and numbness when, in addition, the speaker says it in a monotone voice waiting himself for the end of his speech. Certainly, thinking he was doing well, he ends with a lyrical flight to which no one adheres because of fatigue. Not to mention, of course, these soothing articles which are either ingenious in rediscovering the litany of a new inventory in the Prevert style or in pontificating evidence or commonplace.

How to create content that makes you want to read or listen?

Brand Content, first and foremost a state of mind.

“Desire precedes need.”

How many times have I repeated this antiphon? It conditions the value and interest of any content. Above all, it reveals the obligatory role of a turn of style: the homeopathic conviction. With this principle in mind, practice progressive encirclement:

  • attract prospects on subjects of interest to them
  • encourage the brand to be perceived as legitimate in its field of excellence
  • entertain him
  • to develop it by its professional, cultural and intellectual enrichment induced by all your contents which bring him an additional useful knowledge
  • invite them to learn more.

If one follows Larry Alton, the famous American professional blogger: “Just putting words on a page is not enough, you must ensure that your content is understandable, engaging, interesting, unique and entertaining. He must teach your readers something they didn’t know, make them laugh and keep them interested.”

Finally, Brand Content’s state of mind can be summed up as follows: inform without annoying, engage without constraining.

Then the expression of an editorial line.

At the heart of your Brand Content, the editorial line is the framework. Direct expression of your brand identity and thus of your positioning, the editorial line naturally follows. Above all, this line must illustrate a personality. Take as much care in describing your added value as in giving your content an emotional context based on:

  • the style
  • the tone
  • the character

Nothing is more attractive than expressing yourself through storytelling, which helps to humanize your message and give it “body”.

A tip: create an Editorial Committee, a real incentive, creator and organizer of your content. The Chairman of this Committee – officially designated – must be able to speak as such. Usually this role is assigned either to the marketing/communication director or directly to the CEO.

Its guarantee is essential to increase the credibility of the contents. Its participation gives it legitimacy. Finally, prepare the content themes well in advance, write them down, then insert them at your own pace at the heart of your system.

Impertinence, too.

“Writing only with profit in mind is like playing tennis by looking at the results board rather than the ball”. I plagiarized with a smile the words of tennis champion Ivan Lendl. Writing and being read remain first of all a pleasure…and especially not a thought felt as a ritual obligation.

Choosing impertinence arouses real empathy and, in return, brings you the Internet user’s desire to continue his dialogue with you.

3 rules to create impertinence:

  • practice oxymoron by combining two contradictory words
  • use the paradox
  • do not hesitate to challenge your reader
  • and ultimate: break the codes in shape

Follow Thierry Guibert, CEO of Lacoste, speaking of his company: “What I want to do is restore value, and above all desirability. Such ambition conditions the purchase of a product as a priority. Hence the importance of finding ways of imaginative writing, adapted to the language of the client, but surprising in its reading path.” A quotation that adapts perfectly to the products of industrial or service goods.

In conclusion, consider Brand Content as an introduction to travel, a journey through your positioning, your services, your vision of the company but above all a journey in the company of your customer who, through your content, will be happy or even proud to be your travelling companion. All you have to do is convince him to create, with you, his strategy according to his areas of excellence. More than a companion, he will become your partner.

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