Brand Positioning: How to stand out from the competition?

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To ensure the survival of a company, it is essential to stand out from the competition. To get there, the branding agency in India – Crux Creative Solutions proposes you the NO.1 branding services which is based on different effective marketing strategies: blue ocean, repositioning mapping, strategic canvas, etc.

The different marketing strategies and tools to adopt to face the competition

The Blue Ocean Strategy was proposed by W. Chan Kim, professor in strategy and management at INSEAD, the European Institute of Business Administration. A concept whose main objective is to eliminate competition by creating a new demand. Exploring new strategic spaces is one of the essential components of this successful strategy. By seeking to offer innovative products or services, your company will be able to differentiate itself from the competition. Moreover, you no longer have to offer the best value for money. The Red Ocean concept, for its part, involves evolving within an already existing market and facing competition. Unlike the Blue Ocean, the Red Ocean does not bring an increase in value for customers. Indeed, be aware that the concept of the red ocean is limited to improving products or services already adopted by consumers.

For its part, the perpetual map, or positioning mapping is an effective tool that aims to determine the place of a brand according to the needs of the market and competition. This method is based on the design of a graph whose axes represent the most decisive criteria of the target market. If you want to use this marketing tool, you will first have to draw up a list of the qualities of your service or product. It is also essential to know the needs of the target market. Know that you can also clearly visualize the difference of your brand using a strategic canvas. Like the perpetual map, this tool is presented in the form of a graph. The strategic framework not only highlights the points of differentiation in your offer, but also gives you the opportunity to create this difference. At the end of the SPOC given by the branding agency in Delhi NCR Crux, these various methods will have no more secret for you.

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