B2B Online Marketing To Build Your Digital Strategy

Internet has become an additional and essential channel in the company’s business development strategy to recruit new customers.

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Online marketing allows the company to benefit from buyer’s research on the internet, and to position the company at the right time in the buying cycle of B2B buyers.

This new form of prospecting, whose objective is lead generation, uses various online marketing tools.

Online marketing, digital marketing or internet marketing, what’s the difference?

You can categorize the marketing approach using digital in the following way :

Online Marketing:

By online marketing we mean all the marketing actions of the company carried out on the web.
The website, natural referencing as well as internet advertising are part of online marketing.

Internet marketing :

This is the set of actions carried out by the company via the Internet channel. It includes the web, file exchange access (FTP), newsgroups and e-mailing.

Digital marketing:

Digital marketing can be defined by all the marketing actions carried out by the company via digital channels (website, e-mail, social networks, smartphone etc.).

Digital marketing strategy and return on investment

KPI (Key Performance Indicators) can be easily implemented since digital allows a high level of measurement of the actions undertaken.
Indeed, the available data allows to quickly analyze and activate the right tools to increase the overall performance of the shares.

For example, the ratio of “number of website visits” to the number of forms completed to measure the website’s contribution in terms of leads can be mentioned.

It is also possible to measure the number of pages viewed by a visitor to benchmark visitor engagement with content.

Each business model has its degree of digitalisation

Not every business model needs the same degree of digitalization. A B2B agency will not necessarily need to have a smartphone application to keep in touch with the prospect or customer.

Most companies start their digital transformation using online marketing and internet marketing.

The website and its natural referencing (SEO or Search Engine Optimisation) can be found by buyers.

A content strategy often completes the internet visibility and is then relayed by emailing campaigns and advertising campaigns on the internet.

Online marketing is a key element to generate leads

The behaviour of B2B buyers has evolved greatly with the emergence of new technologies, companies must imperatively position themselves using online marketing to attract and capture prospects who do their searches on search engines.

The objective of B2B online marketing company is to benefit from buyer’s searches on the internet to give themselves the means to convert them into customers.

One of the major challenges of online marketing is to position the company at the right time in the purchasing cycle to oxygenate the company’s commercial activity.

Is online marketing replacing all other sales prospecting channels?

As digital strategy has emerged in the company’s global strategy, online marketing has often been presented as a miracle solution for generating qualified contacts easily and at a lower cost.

However, it is important to be aware that if the behaviour of B2B buyers has changed, their autonomous path can also lead them to get the wrong idea of the solution they need or the offer proposed by the company.

A sophisticated content marketing strategy must therefore be put in place to attract and capture the prospect in order to quickly convert him into a customer.

Moreover, digital marketing cannot avoid competition and business will be lost, as on the ground.

Online marketing must therefore be approached above all as a complementary means of commercial prospecting, and as a new lead generation tool.

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