All Digital Landmark Transformation For India In The Last Decade

All Digital Landmark Transformation for India in the Last Decade

It was a connectivity decade for India in the digital space.

We present you the list of landmark transformations that our country went through from the year 2010-2019:

  • India is the second-largest internet market across the globe, only behind China. India constitutes of a total of 12 percent of global internet users.
  • India is also the leading consumer in the world with 9.8 GB per user per month. The consumption of internet is increasing each year.
  • Rural India is also not behind in the race of internet consumption. There were 18 times growth in the rural consumer base as of 2019. This number is not going to slow down anytime soon.
  • India is also expected to have 64 percent smartphone led connectivity by the year 2022. Which also has rapidly increased in the last decade.

The nation’s connected economy is also an on-demand, few app economy data to represent the above data are:

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If we try to dig deep into this current wave of behavior, we will have to first understand the connected consumer. We are comparatively the ‘Young’ country, with more than 60 percent population below the age of 35. This means India is an aspirational, multi-screener, mobile-native and an on-demand consumer base. The population that understands the technology from their peers which are an ‘old’ nation.

This also implies the digital marketers need to up their game, as the new India is easily bored and have new content to consume every second of their existence. Unique ideas are selling, taboo topics are being discussed. People have become more open-minded, but…, we are the generation who are easily offended. Sources of marketing are easily available but methods have become complicated.

It’s an era of discoveries, uniqueness and open discussion. It will be beneficial to take advantage of woke millennials and Gen-Z.

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