Aap Sweeps Delhi Polls: Funny Memes And Hashtags Trending All Over Social Media

#DelhiResults #ManojTiwari #AAPWinningDelhi etc are the hashtags that are trending on Twitter and Instagram ever since exit poll results were out. Various memes were also shared and took Twitter by storm as Arvind Kejriwal- led AamAadmi Party won 62 out of 70 seats.

The social media battle between political parties started a month ago. However, it took its conclusive turn today with a landslide victory for AamAadmi Party in Delhi. Various hashtags started trending when final results came out, like- #DelhiResults #AAPWinningDelhi #ArvindKejriwal #ManojTiwari #Jhaadu, etc.

Users on Instagram Facebook and Twitter posted hilarious memes, mostly reflecting on the winning streak of Arvind Kejriwal. #ArvindKejriwal saw 20k impressions and #ManojTiwari saw 12k impressions on Twitter. The Arvind Kejriwal- led AamAadmi Party won a total of 62 seats out of 70 total seats in Delhi, which left BJP with just 8 seats and Congress was at 0.

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The National Capital of India, Delhi has witnessed a 62 percent turnout in Delhi Election 2020. Which is not as much as it was in the year 2015. Delhi Election 2015 had 67.12 percent participation against 62 percent this year.

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