A real customer relationship: the marketing approach targeted by “lifestyle”, make buy your product

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This is the crucial moment when your brand will enter in relation with your customers, your prospects, your clients. The customer relationship is the point where the relationship between your product and the perception of your potential customers will trigger a buying act on the different points of contact that technology and traditional media offer today. Whether we are talking about chatbot, emailing campaigns, social networks, brand content, retargeting, pay TV, replay, all multiplied by an average of three screens per household, all this multiplies the possibility of contact with your target, but also the possibility of missing this contact. It is on this point that this article insists. Any marketing and advertising approach must now also take into account a “lifestyle” aspect to target and convert its customer relationship.

The customer relationship: the opportunity of a transaction.

Obviously, the ultimate goal of the customer relationship is to reach a transaction that must end in a shopping cart on the Internet, in a supermarket shopping cart.

After working on your brand’s looks and personality in media, advertising and marketing, getting ahead of its target is more than natural. Because the transaction being the moment when the customer is convinced and attracted by your product and acquires it, remains the only action that will affect your growth.

The secrets to getting in touch with your consumers.

We are a long way from election periods when candidates scour livestock fairs, rural markets, and visits to companies that are victims of relocation, and make the big gap between a maroilles pie and a cider tasting in Correze. The customer relationship of a policy is the opposite of marketing, because everyone knows that it rests on soft ground and cannot be perceived sustain-ably. A solid foundation supported by real values will sooner or later produce a real customer relationship.

In your case, since you have refined the important points that have been raised to build your brand, using policy marketing to meet your audience would destroy your efforts.

We do not make one shot and the brand must last in the minds before, during and after the act of purchase. Its reflection must be intellectualized, mentalized by your client.

The act of purchase is a deliberate act. Retargeting with all its strength is there to confirm the purchase intention, but first the customer has taken the first step towards you, by searching you on the web, by going to your site, by participating in private sales. Anyway, this is what we call a hot lead.

Marketing trends to meet your customers.

Most often we will talk to you about targets, profiles, personas to identify your target concretely. This is completely normal and should be prepared to determine your speaking with them.

Faced with an increasingly delinearized media consumption, the meeting with your customers is made today on several supports like the TV, the digital via a computer or tablet in the office, and the mobile (or smartphone) on the move.

If the top-down brand-consumer relationship increasingly tends towards an exchange between the brand and consumers, this would mean that ideally an appointment should be created to meet and exchange according to these different contact points.

Although this type of relationship does not yet exist and even if the push can carry your brand, I do not think that one day, even with the maturation of the targets, it can constitute a point of agenda with your brand. Nevertheless, studies prove that the Havas media group presumes that on such a nomadic target it must be captured and capitalized on the life moments of customer profiles.

Capture your client’s life moments.

Communication media and screens are not the same. And not everyone’s days are the same either, but certain behavioral parameters are immutable in us.

Also it is necessary to target life moments of our prospects rather than profiles. These moments when the target is receptive to your message: moment of relaxation, moment of transport, lunch, snack, coffee break, early evening, second part of evening, night etc. correspond to behaviors and moments of purchase.

This can enrich the media plan in speaking. It will be an investment that generates a positive return in terms of image if this is what we are looking for, store traffic, sales on your website, spontaneous notoriety.

DATA TV’s supremacy in customer relations

All marketing tools are good for meeting your customers. While today they are essential as a growth vehicle that must be borrowed to engage the act of purchase, television and advertising remain, and continue to play a major role in the consumer-brand relationship.

Brand content is one of the gifted.

It is quite normal, whether you sell an image or a product, consumers need to see, visualize, feel your image and your product through media as legitimate as the commercial. It is through him, through your spot that they will appropriate your brand, it is by viewing it that they will mentalize your messages, your values, and intellectualize the reflection they have of you and thus naturally move to the act of purchase.

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