A great video in 5 steps

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In this time, video marketing is an essential part of life. According to research, by 2019 as much as 80% of Internet traffic will be video!
Fun of course, but how do you make your video stand out among all that video content?
Below are 5 steps to help you think up, make and distribute a good video.

1. Know for whom you’re making the video

If all goes well, as a company you will have a clear idea of who your target audience is. Think about what your target audience needs. Do they want to be inspired, do they need how-to videos or are they perhaps looking for videos with information about specific products? Make videos that your target audience wants to see, not videos you want to send.

2. What is your video about?

Before you grab the camera, you need to determine what the content of your video will be. What will be the message of the video and how can you best translate it into a video for your viewers?
Make sure the story you want to tell is clear. Discuss the story with someone who doesn’t know as much about the content as you do, for example. You get unique insights and ideas to improve your video for your target audience.
Having a clear story in mind means more time for video production, recording and assembly. You know what fits in your video and what doesn’t. This makes it easier to write a script, to film in a more targeted way and to edit it more easily.

3. Good preparation: script

If you have a clear story, you are going to convert it into a script. This phase is called pre-production. In a script, you translate the story and message into an overview of the text and images that are to be included in the video. A script not only provides an overview of scenes, it also ensures that you do not forget to film shots during the video production.
In addition to a script, there is also a roadmap. A script is full of tasks, locations, lighting, cameras, equipment, actors, props and so on. You can find everything you need to produce the video in your script.

During large, hectic productions, it’s your only grip in the chaos. In the case of small video productions, it sometimes happens that the script is combined with the script planning.

With the script in your hand you can make all the preparations. Arrange the film locations, the actors, make sure you get all the stuff and equipment you need for your video. And don’t be afraid to engage others to help you. Let everyone use his or her talents in the production of your video.

4. Create your video

You were part of your target audience, you have a clear story in mind and you made a script. Now you can finally get hold of the camera and start filming.
Think carefully about whether you have the knowledge and resources to make your own video. It’s a shame if you want to tell an interesting story, but it doesn’t come out of the paint during video production. Using a good camera does not mean that you can make a good video.

After filming it’s time to edit your images. During the edit you put everything in the right order according to the script, so that your message is clear. In the editing, you also add music, sound effects, color correction and visual effects.

5. Distribution

Your video is ready. Upload now and you’re done, right? No, nothing could be a contradiction! This step is crucial to the success of your video.

In the first step you determined what your target audience wants to see. It is just as important to know where your target audience is located. There are numerous video platforms with numerous target audiences, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Vimeo. All these platforms require a different approach and working method. On YouTube, for example, you can post longer videos than on Instagram.

Once your video is online, it won’t be seen automatically. To be seen, you need to write a good description with the video, you need ‘ambassadors’ who share your video and who have an active attitude when responding to your video actions. If you want to promote the video considerably, you can opt for paid promotion.

The type of video production determines how you perform the above steps. In a small production, many of these steps overlap and may be carried out by one person. In the case of large video production, it is important to keep these steps well separated.

Are you going to make video? Follow these steps to create your next video. If it’s too much work to do yourself, don’t you have the right tools to shape your message, or would you like to pinpoint your video idea?

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