8 preconceived ideas about digital marketing

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Digital marketing offers tools that can be very effective! These allow more communications options and any business to reach an international audience.

However, some aspects of digital marketing are surrounded by myths and preconceived ideas. Many who believe in these myths are groping around and missing out on the possibilities of digital marketing.

This article attempts to demystify certain myths in the hope of offering new perspectives to entrepreneurs.

Digital marketing is not for small businesses

Contrary to what many solo-entrepreneurs think, online marketing is not only for large companies with a large budget! On the contrary, it offers several tools that are easily available and allow the following operations to be easily performed:

Communicate and collaborate with multiple customers – no need for a call center.
Sell directly to customers around the world – no need for physical stores.
Get ideas and data on target customer’s purchasing preferences – no need to use a survey and statistics company.

Online marketing has nothing to do with a company’s business strategy

Sometimes we get the impression that some entrepreneurs think that digital marketing is secondary, that it’s just a trend, but that it doesn’t really have an impact on the company’s overall strategy. It’s just the opposite! online marketing should be an integral part of the company’s sales and marketing strategy. It is your gateway to a wider audience, a growing number of potential customers.

As more and more people go online when they want information about a service or a product, the online or offline presence of a company can make the difference!

Digital marketing can only work if the company’s website already gets a lot of traffic

It’s true that having a lot of traffic on your website is great and allows you to be seen by a large number of potential customers, but that doesn’t mean every one of your visitors turns into a customer, generating a profit!

The key to digital marketing is quality, not quantity! It is better to focus on attracting your target customer than the whole coming. Online marketing will help you attract targeted visitors who are looking for the services you offer.

Having a website is enough to develop an digital marketing strategy

Sometimes the entrepreneurs I interact think that just having a website is enough to develop a strong online presence and attract a huge flow of potential customers. That once the site is online, there is nothing more to do and that everything will go for granted.

That’s not true! The content on the internet is constantly evolving, very dynamic, where people go to get the latest information on what they need. A website that is abandoned will probably not attract.

My competitors don’t do digital marketing, why should I?

It is never a good thing to be wait-and-see and always follow the competition.

Consumer habits have changed and it is dangerous to think that a company will continue to grow the number of its customers by relying solely on traditional channels. If you don’t anticipate this type of evolution, you risk staying on the sidelines the day the competition decides to take the plunge and lose a lot of potential customers.

Any content will do well for my website

Your website will not be any more successful than any other if you just create a large amount of content that you broadcast all over the net. It is even possible that this strategy will do you more harm than good, especially if the content created or used is not relevant to Internet users.

The best strategy is to create quality content that is relevant to your target audience. This type of content will attract your target audience to your site and if they like what’s there, they’ll probably want to know more. Plus, search engines love original content!

My industry won’t interest online visitors

There’s no barrier to get info! We search everything on the internet and find everything, even what some may consider “boring” niches.

Each company has its targeted customers and like the others they go on the net. Your potential customers also go on the internet to look for information about the products you offer.

Natural referencing is useless

Natural referencing is not useless, contrary to what we can sometimes hear.

Even with the strong development of social networks, the majority of traffic arriving on your website comes from search engines. Most online visitors use and will continue to use search engines when they need information about a brand, product or service.

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